Baby Bend Over: 3 Moves To Fight Tight Shoulders

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((305)) FLX is here, aka our newest flexibility-based class. It will have you inhaling all the good vibes and exhaling all the bad sh*t! 

NYC instructor and full-time goddess Maria M. shows us three heart-opening moves to fight tight shoulders.

1. Seated Heart Opener

305 Fitness Instructor Maria

Give your chest, shoulders, neck, and abs a nice stretch with this relaxing backbend.

How: In a seated position, gently walk your hands back as you pop open up your chest. As you get a deeper stretch, let your gaze follow up to the ceiling to release your neck. 

Pro tip: This stretch is also great for increasing spine flexibility and bringing energy back to your core.


2. Clasped Hands Behind the Back

305 Fitness Instructor Maria

Named after our Sunday hungover mood, Cow Face Pose is a great yoga-inspired stretch for tight shoulders. It may feel a bit awk at first, but trust, it's a goodie.

How: Start with your right arm forward and up overhead, like you would when stretching out triceps. Keeping your elbow up, bring your right palm down toward the middle of your back, giving a flex to your right shoulder. Now with your left arm behind you, create an extension of the left shoulder by bending your left elbow and sliding your forearm up your back.

Pro tip: If you can, try to clasp right and left fingers. Hold this stretch for 15-30 seconds to feel the stretch, release, and then repeat on the other side.


3. Standing Forward Fold with Bind

305 Fitness Instructor Maria

This stretch takes your backbend to another level!

How: Standing up straight, go off and clasp your hands behind your back. With a lil bend in the knees, fold over your legs, bringing your arms up. Exhale as you fold forward, and bend your elbows slightly as you try to keep the heels of your palms together. This movement will give a nice extension to your tight shoulder muscles.

Quit reading. Start flexing.

Say bye to back pain, tight hips, and shin splints. 

((305)) FLX is the answer bbz. Sign up for your first class at our NYC Village studio. 🤸

Sadie Kurzban