How to *Actually* Take Care of Your Skin Before and After Your Workout

You've got the choreo down, you know exactly which instructors get you in the right groove, and you've got the signature ((305)) lewk.

But how do you make sure that post-class, Make Sweat Sexy glow doesn't turn into a less-than-sexy breakout? Boo, we got you covered -- and these tips are a whole more helpful than just the obvious "drink lots of H20." Read on, junkies.



Take Off Your Makeup

Sure, you're smart enough to wash the sweat off your face after you work out -- but it's just as important to wipe off your makeup before you hit the gym floor. Why? Your pores open up when you're working out -- and while you're getting down and dirrrrrty, you want to keep that dirt off your face.


Use Fewer Hair Products

There's nothing like ((305)) to get you all good and sweaty -- and that can mean a whole lot of gunk running from your hairline down your face or your back. If you use a lot of conditioners, mousse or other hair products, that'll be mixed in with the sweat. You gotta do what you gotta do, but if you're trying to maximize your skincare on an intense workout day, layoff the extra pump of product.

Wipe Down Your Mat and Any Other Equipment

Wipe Down Your Mat and Any Other Equipment

It's good gym etiquette to wipe down your machine after you use it, but take a quick swipe *beforehand,* too -- those spots are breeding grounds for bacteria, and it only takes one brush of your hand against your forehead to transfer all those little guys from the equipment to your face. In ((305)), use a towel during toning to keep your hands off the floors while you're doing push ups or abs. If you use weights or mats, wipe those down ahead of time, too.




Wash Yo Hands

This one's the flip side of "wipe it all down ahead of time" -- but just in case you got bacteria all over your hands, wash them! Even if you're in a hurry, washing your hands is a big step in the right skincare direction.

Wash Yo Hands

Take a Cold Shower

A hot shower, when you're sweaty and dehydrated, can further dehydrate you. Turn down the temperature and you’ll pick up a few added benefits -- it'll help close up your pores and decrease breakouts.



After you wash your face, make sure to moisturize, no matter how sweaty you still feel! Your skin will thank you -- for one, all that heat and sweat make your skin dehydrated just like the rest of your body. It'll calm down any irritation from your booty-kickin' workout, too.



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