Kanye Not... Exercise When You're Sick

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"Kanye Not?" is a series where we explore superstitions and we test them to find out: CAN YOU or KANYE NOT?

Today's KANYE NOT challenge: Working out when you’re sick AF. Hell yeah or fuck no?

Missing out on a workout can totally suck, especially when your mind is telling you “YAS!”, but your body is like “NOPE.”

Being sick can take a toll on your health and we’ve all heard that you can just “sweat it out” to feel better. But really, should you work out when you’re not in great health? It all depends on what you have and how you’re feeling at the moment.

YES YOU CAN: If you have a cold

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With symptoms of runny nose, dry coughs, or sneezing, you should be A-OK to work out. Obvi, modify your exercise movements and intensity, especially if you are finding it difficult to catch your breath. No need to go full out or push harder for that extra rep. A little bit of exercise can help promote your immune functions and help you sleep better.

BUTTTTT… be careful with bringing yourself to 305 or the gym. You’re very contagious the first 5-7 days, with the first 2-3 days being the most symptomatic period as your germs can spread easily.

Keep yo ass home and do some modified home workouts while you’re getting better!


NOPE, CHILL OUT: If you have a stomach bug, flu, or a fever

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Rest up boo! If you’ve got any of the above illnesses or are experiencing symptoms of chest congestion, upset stomach, or muscle aches, don’t try to exercise at this time. Stretching and foam rolling may help alleviate some physical tension and pain as you’re dealing with being sick.

Your body is losing a lot of fluids and you’re likely feeling really fatigued. Working out and sweating could actually make your sickness worse as you could be exacerbating dehydration and potential heart issues. Your immune system is already putting in WORK to get you better, so to divide its resources to help you recover from being sick and working out, could actually make you sicker longer.

Take some medicine, get to bed early, and stay home! You’ll need the time and energy to get better and to not spread the diseases to others. 

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When you’re finally feeling 100% and back to working out, some muscle and stamina loss will happen, so don’t be discouraged getting back into your workouts.

To sum it up: If you’ve got sick symptoms above the neck, yas work it out, but take it easy! Below the neck, rest up and recover!

Sadie Kurzban