Teach Me How To: Ballet Jacks

Hey dolls 💁, we back with a new edition of the TEACH ME HOW TO ✨📚 series.

With all the NEW-NEW choreo and music 🎶 we got rolling out, we're making sure you got the steps before your next sexy sweat sesh on the dance floor. 💦

Today, we’re breaking down the BALLET JACKS with our NYC instructor, “The Cheerleader” Danielle. 💃

305 Fitness Instructor Danielle

Step 1: Start with your hands 🤗 stretched out to the sides and your feet a little wider than hips distance, apart. Put your weight towards the balls of your feet. 👟


Step 2: With a slight bend in the knees, start to lower your hands towards and have them cross in front of your lower pelvic area.


Step 3: With your weight on your toes, have a slight jump up on both feet, bringing them towards center and crossing one over the other. At the same time, cross your arms in a circular motion towards the center of your body.


Step 4: At the top the move, your arms should be extended overhead 🙆, and your legs crossed while you’re landing on the balls of your feet. You should be serving some Black Swan realness! 👯


Step 5: To jump back out of the top of the move, your arms should circulate 🔄 back out extended, and your feet go back to being wider than hips distance apart.


Pro-Tip: Think of this move as one where you’re constantly going in ◀️ and out ▶️ of your body’s center with your arms and leg. Like a jumping jack, you’re bringing your arms and feet in & out, and side to side (hey Ariana!).


Shin splints a problem? Your best bet is to squeeze your glutes every time you jump up in this move. Try it! 



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