The Junkie's Guide to Theme Classes

The Junkie's Guide to Theme Classes

You’ve asked for it, so we’re bringing it to you all the way live for ((305)). Theme Classes are coming for dat ass!

Just launched(!!!!) in NYC and coming very soon to DC and Boston, theme classes bring what you already love about ((305)) Cardio with a new element of EXTRA that will leave you gagging. Sign up now and don’t miss out!

Peep below to get the 411 on our new Theme Classes.

Instructors are gonna be #OnTheme AF

theme 2.gif

With theme classes like “One Hit Wonders” and “Caliente Latin Party”, our instructors are ready to go FULL OUT from the outfit to the choreo. Expect to see some costumes and you bettah come thematically correct!


theme 3.gif

DJs will drop all the bops

Theme music will be played during EVERY section of class. So you can warm up like you're at Studio 54 during "Saturday Nite Fever", sprint it out like a badass during “Rockstars”, and lose yaself during “90's/00's Hip Hop”.


Twerk it out to your faves

theme 4.gif


Each theme class will be unique, but you'll still get the choreo you know and love from ((305)) Cardio. New themes like Mr. ((305)) will keep you on your toes and feeling all the fun vibes. The upcoming schedule of theme classes is LIT 🔥 so don't catch FOMO boo boo.

theme 5.gif

Our theme classes are magic and you don't want to miss out. Book your spot now!

Sadie Kurzban