Four Tips to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Chill, babe!


We know stress is bad for literally everything. But how does it affect your weight? Stress increases cortisol in your body – the hormone responsible for your sugar and junk food cravings. A few weeks of giving into your cravings leads to excessive fat and weight gain. NO, THANK YOU.

Learn a breathing technique that can help you calm down in stressful situations or incorporate a meditation exercise into your morning routine. And don’t skimp out on zZz’s – 8 hours per night is critical to maintaining your inner peace throughout the day.

Load up on protein


Lean protein is good for you because it keeps you full longer than carbs do. It also helps muscles recover faster after you work out. The best protein-rich foods to go for are eggs, chicken, fish, avocado and nuts. Add more protein and less carbs to every meal to keep the extra pounds at bay. Your summer-bod will thank you.

It’s okay to f up


Your Sunday-morning hangover called for a bacon, egg and cheese bagel followed by a full day of R&R. All good! Up your intensity and run an extra mile at the gym the next day. A slip-up every once in a while is okay, as long as it doesn’t turn into a habit.

Get movin’


It’s cold out and cuffin’ szn is upon us. Don’t let cozying up with Bae keep you from the gym. Stay committed to your fitness goals and do at least 30 minutes of activity per day. Summer bodies are made in the winter!

I am more motivated to work out when I’m doing something I enjoy - like twerking at ((305)) Fitness! Find something you love and make it a part of your routine.

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Sadie Kurzban