In honor of Valentine's Day, instructors share intimate deets on finding (and staying in) love. Below, peep our feature with Michael, our energetic AF instructor in DC and his beau David.




Oh hey, boos! Tell us, how did y’all first meet?  

Michael: We met via a mutual friend of ours who was visiting me out in Los Angeles.

David: I was in LA for work and a friend, Adam, organized a Friday night out in West Hollywood.


How did you start dating?

Michael: Long-distance. I couldn’t stop connecting with him once he left LA.

David: I kept finding excuses to meet up with him in various cities.




Any quirks that drive you a little crazy?

Michael: He leaves the entire bathroom floor and sink area wet after his showers. Imagine a Great Dane shaking himself after a bath to dry off.

David: He always manages to have a million things to do at once.


Tell me three things you love about your partner.

Michael: How he has his shit together. How big he is. How he takes care of me and protects me.

David: His energy. His fierce loyalty. How he’s always up for anything.




What are your three favorite experiences that you’ve been through together as a couple?

Michael: Coachella. Moving in together. Having the entire Eiffel Tower to ourselves at midnight.

David: Moving in together. Meeting his parents. Our many travels.

Wait. Are you in love with Michael too?

Same. Fall in love with him even harder in his class this week.