In honor of Valentine's Day, instructors share intimate deets on finding (and staying in) love. Below, peep our feature with Sam, our sweet-meets-sassy instructor in DC and her beau Damion.


305 Fitness Instructor Sam and Partner Damion


Oh hey, boos! Tell us, how did y’all first meet?  

Sam: We met at the gym! I started taking Zumba and would watch Damion's kickboxing class through the window. I immediately had a HUGE crush on him and had a gut feeling that this person was somehow going to be a part of my life.

Damion: She was a member of the gym I worked at and I tried to convince her to take my class.


What did you first think of one another?

Sam: I thought he was very attractive. He had a certain mystery about him which intrigued me even more.

Damion: A cutie, but young and quiet. I didn't notice her until I saw her going hard in one of the hip hop classes. Then I was very intrigued.


305 Fitness Instructor Sam and Partner Damion
305 Fitness Instructor Sam and Partner Damion


What are three things that you love about your partner?

Sam: His work ethic, sense of humor, his hugs.

Damion: Her laugh, her honesty, and her pretty brown eyes.


How would you describe the dynamic of your relationship?

Sam: Damion has really helped me break out of my comfort zone. He was the one who encouraged me to try for ((305))! He also helps to bring me back down to earth and remind me that life is never that serious.

Damion: She keeps me organized, grounded, and centered. She stays on top of me with little things that I tend to forget about. I think I help her to break free of fears and insecurities of the unknown. I hope I make her feel safe, protected, and cared for.


305 Fitness Instructor Sam and Partner Damion


Ugh such #RelationshipGoals! Tell us, what's the best advice you can give another couple?

Sam: Communicate. Just be up front and tell one another how you feel. Learn to accept that you may handle things differently but it's all about balance.

Damion: My mom gave me good advice once. She said, "Baby, don't be unpredictable." People say you should be unpredictable in your relationship to keep things fresh. But my mom told me that you should always know that your significant other will have your back, lift you up when you feel down, etc. Be predictable in that sense. So there's never a question of your love, loyalty, and devotion.

Wait. Are you in love with Sam too?

Same. Fall in love with her even harder in her class this week.