305 Fitness DJ Mark Pieman

DJ Mark Pieman is a ((305)) DC staple. After working as a DJ for almost 15 years in Northern England, he's back in the states slinging hot tracks across dance-floors all over the city.

Now that's our kinda guy. 

Ok, let's start with the basics. Where are you from?



I saw you help sponsor the charity Help for Heroes. Can you explain more about that?

I'm really proud to work with a lot of charities, but I personally organized an all-day outdoor music festival to benefit Help for Heroes- an organization that works to improve the lives of disabled veterans. 


305 Fitness DJ Mark Pieman Party



That's so awesome! Next question: what's something you can't live without?




Greatest song of all-time?

Anything by Billy Talent or Reel Big Fish.



How would you describe your DJ style?

I play a lot of open format House and Techno music. 


305 Fitness DJ Mark Pieman






If you weren't a full-time DJ, how would you spend your time?

I would definitely be a mall Santa.


Tell us something on your bucket list:

I want to DJ on every continent. 


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