We see you, junkies! đź‘€  You’ve been coming to ((305)) like a #BOSS and you’ve gotten the hang of pretty much every move our bada$$ instructors throw at you. But we know that you’re dyinggg to take it up a notch (or ten), right?!

The 🔑 is throwin’ in a fast turn or some extra arms -- you’ll be lookin’ oh-so-fancy on the floor in no time.



Move 1: Grapevine


305 Fitness Instructors Dillon & Darnell Grapevine


Yaassss! It might have taken you a while to master this one (foot crosses behind, woah) but now you're ready to spice it up.

Show off your skills by adding a turn in the mix, in that middle step.



Move 2: Pump It Out


305 Fitness Instructors Dillon & Darnell Pump It Out


Feeling so free! This step is a pump with a shuffle in the middle.

Now that you've got those twinkle toes going, add something more exciting to the ends of this move. Pictured here, NYC instructor Darnell drops it low for some added flair.



Move 3: Walk It Out


305 Fitness Instructors Dillon and Darnell Walk It Out


Listen, it's not that easy to walk back and forth that quickly! You know it now, so spice it up with some more arm work.

You can add our favorite Catwalk arms, or spice it up with vogue arms.





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