Dominique: The Sashay Shero

How’s this for a plot twist? You’ve probably heard rave reviews of DC instructor, Danielle. Well, two is always better than one. Enter her twin sister: Dominique. When you hang out with Dom, you feel like she’s really, really listening and really, really has your back . . . sort of like she’s your twin sister. Coincidence? We think not.

On the dance floor, Dom is far from dull. Her class is all about explosiveness, attitude, and a self-love. Dom is here to help you embrace your inner freak and dance so big, you’ll feel larger than life.

We caught up with Dominique over frozen margaritas to get all the deets on instructor training, her amazing bae, and the celeb she’d love to twerk it out with.




Oh heyyy girl! You went from junkie to instructor -- what was the hardest part of training?

Definitely making the switch from junkie to instructor. You take class so much that you know all the moves, but then in training you learn all of the "behind the scenes" stuff. You sort of have to retrain yourself to be the leader.


We wanna know which instructor you’re crushin’ on!

J. Lott is just an incredibly nice, genuine person. Love that!

I love that ((305)) isn’t pretentious. You can be who you are and that’s good enough.

OMG he’s the best! How do you want people to feel after taking class with you?

Inspired, empowered, accomplished.


If this celeb took your class, you would DIE . . .

If Michelle O. came through and brought Malia and Sasha that would be #everything.


305 Fitness Instructor Dominique
305 Fitness Instructor Dominique


What are your favorite words to live by?

No one will believe in you more than you believe in yourself.


We all have a type. If you had to describe the guys you've dated, what are they like?

Guys that are goofy but driven. They have their shit together and are super kind, caring and compassionate. I also LOVE a planner.


305 Fitness Instructor Dominique


You have the *cutest* bae -- tell us about him!

We met in 2012, but then I got in a relationship and then he did, and then we both unknowingly broke up with our partners within the same week. We took it as a sign!


Such #goals! When you're not teaching at ((305)), we can find you . . .

Downing a frozen marg with my sister.


"Us as hippies from high school just to show #growth."

"Us as hippies from high school just to show #growth."

"My sister and I during our short stint on our college's bhangra dance team."

"My sister and I during our short stint on our college's bhangra dance team."



Speaking of, what was your childhood like?

"Sister, Sister" minus the meeting later in life part.


Why do you love ((305))?

I love that it isn't pretentious. You can be who you are and that's good enough.






Quit reading, start dancing! Take a class with Dominique. Community classes begin Monday, February 19. Classes are $15. Proceeds benefit She's The First, sending girls to school for the first time in their families.

Peep the full DC schedule here.