Instructor Spotlight: JLott

305 Fitness Instructor JLott


If his back-breaking booty poppin moves don't charm you, his genuine Southern hospitality will!


JLott is one of the most genuine, kind-hearted, encouraging, positive people you'll ever meet. A self-proclaimed momma's boy and Ciara fanatic, JLott is ready to sweat and get oh-so-low til the cows come home.

We caught up with our fave dirty south ((305)) sweetheart to find out just how he gets down.

Kicking things off, how long have you been teaching at ((305))?

I started teaching 1 year ago! Yaaay!


YAS! 365 days at ((305))! What drew you to audition?

I was already into dance fitness myself, so when I first moved to NYC, I researched "top dance fitness studios", and voilà! I was in love. 😍


305 Fitness Instructor JLott
305 Fitness Instructor JLott


How do you get in the zone for teaching?

Like many New Yorkers, I travel with my headphones glued to my ears. Depending on how I feel that day, my music is what puts me in the zone. Mostly it’s 90’s/2000’s hip hop/r&b!

But every once in a while, it can range from gospel to ass-shaking & ratchet southern music! What can I say...I’m well rounded!

Minding my own business and making money moves!

What's your current favorite ((305)) song to teach or dance to?

Mine, duhhh! "10 dollar" by M.I.A.

When I came up with the choreo, I wanted to put as much of my personality and style in it as possible. It screams H-Town Swag serving raunchy, sexy, and swaggu aka ME!



What’s your go-to snack?

EVERYTHING! I’m super greedy; it's the Taurus in me! I do keep fruit snacks on hand and although I’m not a sweets person, if I have a craving, then any sour candy will do!


Who’s a badass that you look up to?

My best friend, my MOM!

I wanted to put as much of my personality and style in it as possible.


Describe ((305)) NYC junkies in a few words!

A bunch of energetic & dedicated twerkers who saw what I saw in ((305)).


305 Fitness Instructor JLott


If you could dance with one artist, who would it be?

Anyone who knows me knows this answer: CIARA, of course! She is BAE all day everyday and I’ve been in love since 2004!


Finally, when you're not teaching, where can junkies find you?

Minding my own business and making money moves 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 BLOOP!!!

Can't get enough of JLott? Same.

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