Step-By-Step: Machika

New choreo got'chu feelin' like 😡? Let's break it down for ya!

Follow HBIC Sadie Kurzban as she breaks down "Machika." Watch and re-watch till you master the moves and then bring that ass to class to show them off πŸ”₯

Step 1. Body Roll

305 Fitness HBIC Sadie Body Roll

Roll it out towards the front and with your hands, circulating your fingers right by the sides of chest. Then drop it low and arch it out like a sexy cat-cow pose.

Step 2. SMASH it!

305 Fitness HBIC Sadie Smash It

This is where you GO AWF! Punch down towards the lower left side of your body, while simultaneously jumping to the left. Bring it back around and punch your right hand along your right side.

With your legs slightly wider than hips distance, clap your hands, then bring them both up by your head, and WHIP YO HAIR all the way down. 

Ready for Front Row Status? Duh.

Book your spot in class now henny!

Sadie Kurzban