Step-By-Step: More Than Friends

New choreo got'chu feelin' like 😡? Let's break it down for ya!

Follow NYC's Divinity Gaines as she breaks down "More Than Friends." Watch and re-watch till you master the moves and then bring that ass to class to show them off πŸ”₯

Step 1. Feelin' yourself

305 Fitness Instructor Divinity Feelin' Yourself

Swipe left, swipe right, then let that 'ish goooo! Don't forget to give that sexy smize!


Step 2. Walk it out gworl!

305 Fitness Instructor Divinity Walk it Out

Open up to the right, then strut it back! Vogue to the front and walk it on out!


Step 3. Side-2-Side

305 Fitness Instructor Divinity Side-2-Side

Take it on down then swerve it to the right then to the left!


Step 4. Pump it out!

305 Fitness Instructor Divinity Pump It Out

Fist pump it out and give us the sexy shimmy on down!

Ready for Front Row Status? Duh.

Book your spot in class now henny!

Sadie Kurzban