Step-By-Step: More Than Friends

New choreo got'chu feelin' like 😵? Let's break it down for ya!

Follow NYC's Divinity Gaines as she breaks down "More Than Friends." Watch and re-watch till you master the moves and then bring that ass to class to show them off 🔥

Step 1. Feelin' yourself

mtf_move 1.gif

Swipe left, swipe right, then let that 'ish goooo! Don't forget to give that sexy smize!


Step 2. Walk it out gworl!

mtf_move 2.gif

Open up to the right, then strut it back! Vogue to the front and walk it on out!


Step 3. Side-2-Side

mtf_move 3.gif

Take it on down then swerve it to the right then to the left!


Step 4. Pump it out!

mtf_move 4.gif

Fist pump it out and give us the sexy shimmy on down!

Ready for Front Row Status? Duh.

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Sadie Kurzban