In January, we selected three junkies to receive free ((305)) memberships for ten weeks. The dream, right?! Our fit fam worked with them to design a rigorous class schedule, and they also teamed up with nutritionist Chelsey Amer to get a custom-made meal plan. The results? Well, you can see ‘em for yourself!

We also used the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale to see how their self-esteem sky-rocketed after ten weeks. Our babe Kaylah began with a 15 and ended with a 20! 😍 

Wanna know how she did it? You're in luck, junkies! We sat down with Kaylah to get all the details on her ((305)) journey, her instructor crush, and how ten weeks of class changed her entire outlook on life.


305 Junkie Transformation Kaylah Burton


Hey girl heyyy! Tell us -- have you struggled with healthy living before?

I've struggled with my weight for years now. I watched myself gain 20 pounds in four years due to stress, anxiety, and a demanding job in the fashion industry. I've had tried everything from cayenne lemon water cleanses, soup diets, low-carb craziness, you name it. Nothing ever seemed to stick, and the ones that worked were quick fixes that weren't sustainable in the long run.


What was the most challenging part of the ((305)) program?

The most challenging part was getting out of my own damn head and just going for it! I was so insecure about my fitness level (or lack thereof) when I first started at ((305)), but after a few weeks I let that go and just did the best that I could do, and watched myself get stronger every class.

At ((305)) I slowly saw myself looking into the mirror and seeing things that I loved about myself.

What was the most rewarding part?

The most rewarding part was seeing myself step into my own confidence. I'm my toughest critic, and growing up dancing taught me the terrible habits of looking in the mirror and immediately seeing what's wrong - what needs to be corrected - the mirror is in dance training, an actual tool to essentially see what you're doing wrong, and I've taken that mindset into my life. At ((305)) I slowly saw myself looking into the mirror and seeing things that I loved about myself too, which was a first for me.


Would you recommend doing ten weeks of ((305))? 

Is that even a question?! YES! I never expected for a simple workout class to change my life, change my outlook on fitness, and change my outlook on myself. I'm officially a ((305)) junkie and proud of it!  


305 Junkie Kaylah


Yaaaassss! Who is your ultimate instructor crush?

Do I have to choose just one? Latoya kills it every time and pushes me to step it up. HD's hip hop section gives me life. Brandon's class is so. much. fun. Chris' special-edition of Havana is incredible and Brian's Power class is everything! He's so great with teaching the moves correctly and not making the experience overwhelming.  


Was there ever a time when you wanted to give up during this journey?

I injured myself a few weeks into the program. I was so disappointed because I was giving it my all and seeing progress, and it felt like a major set back. I was convinced that I wouldn't see the results I wanted if I could run, jump or lunge, but thankfully with the help of Chelsey, our incredible nutritionist, I learned how to eat WELL, honor my hunger and fullness without depriving myself (she didn't make me give up red wine or dark chocolate!), and saw the pounds fall off, even though I couldn't go 100% in class. If you're looking to change your relationship with food and learn how to eat in a way that sustains you and helps you meet your goals, she is totally your girl!

Instead of shying away from the dance floor and moments in life that seem scary and intimidating, I’m the first one to step up to the front of the room!

Did ((305)) change your confidence?

I tend to be self deprecating and shy, and have never used the words sexy or beautiful when describing myself. Not once. I can say that I unleashed my sexy at ((305)) and feel more confident in myself than ever.


How has ((305)) changed your outlook on life?

I feel like the best version of myself.  Instead of shying away from the dance floor and moments in life that seem scary and intimidating, I'm the first one to step up to the front of the room, at ((305)) and beyond. I cannot thank Sadie, Danielle, the instructors, my fellow killer class goers and whole ((305)) family for letting me have such an incredible experience.


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