In January, we selected three junkies to receive free ((305)) memberships for ten weeks. The dream, right?! Our fit fam worked with them to design a rigorous class schedule, and they also teamed up with nutritionist Chelsey Amer to get a custom-made meal plan. The results? Well, you can see ‘em for yourself!

We also used the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale to see how their self-esteem sky-rocketed after ten weeks. Our babe Claire began with a 20 and ended with a 29! 😍 

Wanna know how she did it? You're in luck, junkies! We sat down with Claire to get all the details on her ((305)) journey, her instructor crush, and how ten weeks of class changed her entire outlook on life.


305 Junkie Transformation Claire Friedman


Hey girl heyyy! Tell us -- have you struggled with healthy living before?

I have struggled with healthy living my whole life! I haven't actually liked doing any physical fitness until now. I don't like the gym -- I feel like a monster for admitting it, but it's the truth. 

But no matter what class I take, I have fun at ((305)). I scream, shout, dance like a pop star -- you cannot leave without smiling. Trust me, I've gone almost every day for 10 weeks and still don't get sick of it. I'm at a place now where I just won't work out if it's not ((305)). Life is too short for boring shit.


And what did you see after your 10 weeks?

While I didn't lose any weight, I gained muscle -- and I noticed significant changes to how my clothes were fitting in just 3 weeks. By the end of the membership, my body was completely different. Muscles I didn't know I had became toned. My calves and my triceps shocked me the most! It felt like I wasn't even working them out but they consistently lost inches the whole way.

I joined this experience with the idea that I would be “in it” to lose weight, workout, etc, and instead I came out with “WHO CARES about my weight?! I’m amazing just the way I am!”

What was the most challenging part of the ((305)) program?

Honestly, the most challenging part was when I got too sore to work out and had to take a days off due to an old knee injury acting up. I remember talking to Danielle about it and her very logical response was "Well, if your knee is acting up you should not jump, there are tons of modifications". And she is right, you absolutely never have to do the full dance move, the instructors will NEVER push you beyond your limit, but it was just disappointing to me to have to not be able to go 100% all the time.

The first time I didn't jump in class, I was annoyed, but it lead to me having a realization that I can not only modify down, but I can make dance moves more complicated or put my own spin on things. And the instructors love it! It makes me happy to add my own flavor to things. It ended up being a great learning experience.


What was the most rewarding part?

The confidence 10 weeks at ((305)) gave me to unapologetically be myself. I think hearing the messaging that I am a fierce, strong, woman every day for 10 weeks made me believe in myself in a way that I didn't think possible. And it wasn't just the instructors just cheering me on, it's the whole environment of ((305)). Everyone from the ladies and gents that check us in, my fellow regulars and even the newbies, the vibe is about being true to yourself.


305 Junkie Claire and 305 Instructor HD


Would you recommend doing ten weeks of ((305))? 

I would recommend doing 52 weeks a year of ((305)). I'm not going to live without it anytime soon. It is really about finding a workout you like to do, why bother with anything less?


Yaaaassss! Who is your ultimate instructor crush?

I cannot choose just one, they are all seriously fierce! The ones I tend to seek out are Danielle C, Volha P, Zach E, HD, Naimah, Walter K.

Hearing the messaging that I am a fierce, strong, woman every day for 10 weeks made me believe in myself in a way that I didn’t think possible.

Did ((305)) change your confidence?

It 100% made me more confident, that is my favorite piece about this experience. It transcended my outlook on myself. I began trying to build people up at work rather than being competitive or negative. I saw myself becoming this woman at my new job that everyone was turning to when they had an issue and I kept giving them the same messages that I gave myself and got at ((305)), which was, "Yes, you can do this. You have all the skills you need. Just do it, girl! And if you need help, I got you!" I never want to lose that. I joined this experience with the idea that I would be "in it" to lose weight, workout, etc, and instead I came out with "WHO CARES about my weight?! I'm amazing just the way I am!!"


How has ((305)) changed your outlook on life?

I don't want to "work out" any more -- I just want to dance! That's the only physical fitness I can actually say I like, so why bother with the other crap? And even if you like working out, I think most people would benefit from the dose of empowerment that ((305)) provides. I'm absolutely a product of the self esteem the studio inspires, I refuse to live without ((305)) now.


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