305 Fitness Melody


Sporty and spunky, this Georgia peach defines "positive attitude."


A junkie-turned-instructor, Melody loves 305 because it’s a place to shed your shame and just have fun. Her bright, positive attitude will make you feel like you can *actually* get your knees up just a little higher and shake your ass just a little harder. 

A certified NASM trainer and a kettlebell champ, this Southern belle will shame your boyfriend (and hers) in a push-up contest, and when she’s done, will stand up and shake her ass in one loud victory dance. 

Hey girl, hey! let's start with an easy one. If you weren't living in New York City, where would you live?

Nashville or Tel Aviv. 


Wait, what? Interesting mix there. 

Haha, yes. My tastes aren't always consistent. I grew up in Augusta, Georgia but now I call New York City home. Thinking on it, If I could have dinner with anyone it would be a table of Miley Cyrus, Cleopatra, Brad Pitt. So yeah, a bit all over the place! 


Into it! So, we take it you're a big fan of the ((305)) dance, "Malibu."

Aren't we all?! I would absolutely DIE if Miley took my class. 


Miley is from Tennessee and you're from Georgia. Do you feel a connection with the South?

Yes and no. On the one hand, I grew up in Georgia and was always dancing I remember my girlfriends and I made these awful necklaces out of pantyhouse (!) and buttons that became super trendy at our dance studio. When we went out of town for dance competitions, we would hand out extras to other dancers. Spreading Southern hospitality and tacky style. Yes, ma'am! 

But, I definitely have a love affair with New York City and my two passions here: dancing at ((305)) and teaching strength and conditioning at Fhitting Room. 



Gagaaaa! What is it like in NYC teaching fitness full-time?! What did you do yesterday?

I woke up at 4:30 and fumbled to my coffee pot. Poured it in to my favorite coffee mug that has a banana as a handle. Trained clients. Took a Theater Jazz class for the first time in a long time! Took 305 with Chris -- my ((305)) crush -- and then came home and watched Friends and ate dinner with my man. Then we practiced handstands.

Oh, oh. There's a man in the picture? And you...practice handstands together? 

Yes! My boo Ian. He is a champ! We live together on the UWS. He's a good, mellow balance for all my energy. We met at a laser tag party. 


Spill the deets -- what's your type?

They have all had different personalities, but physically all brunette with facial hair.


I mean, who doesn't love a good beard, amirite?!

Yes! I also appreciate a man who enjoys what I enjoy...bopping around town trying cupcakes or dumplings. Someone who can appreciate a good Tito's Dirty Martini, you know! 


Sounds like you know how to have a good time! Is that why you love ((305))?

Yes! It's such a release every time. When I take class, I forget about everything going on outside those 4 walls. As an instructor, I love that I am able to have an impact on someone's experience and help shape their day for the better! 


Final q! What snack are you craving after a killer ((305)) class?

Peanut butter on anything, or smoothies! 

Wait. Are you in love with Melody? Same.

Fall in love with her even harder in her class this week

Sadie Kurzban