If you don’t think it’s possible to smile through an entire workout, think again!

Sydni will have you in stitches with her quirky personality and full-the-f*ck-out moves. She has been bringing the crowd to their feet since before she could stand on her own!

No playdate was complete without Sydni directing and shooting a full S Club 7 music video. All of her hard work paid off because now her credits stretch from Broadway to the big screen! She’d like to thank her friends — real and imagined — for all of their support through the years. And of course, her best friend and life partner, the Domino’s delivery man.

At ((305)), Sydni encourages you to shine bright. No matter your experience level, you’re guaranteed to feel those endorphins go through the roof! Prepare yourself to be laughing and smiling through class... but don't get it twisted- you’ll leave soaked in sweat! Bring a change of clothes booboo! Preferably clothes for the empowered star that you are, because that’s how you’ll feel when Sydni is done with you!

Get ready for a challenging, sweat-and-smile inducing class that has you running to the streets screaming “I love liiiiiiiife, bitch!” 

So tell us, if you weren't living in NYC, where could we find you?

Paris for the bread and glamour - but realistically I'd probably be in LA.


Oh, Paris! You fancy! What's a quote you live by?

Don’t block my window!


Dead! We all have a type - what's yours?

My friends!  I’m convinced I don’t like them and then... BAM! I try to say my type is like a Channing Tatum or a Ryan Gosling type, but none of these fools have looked like that so....


Don't we all want a Channing or Ryan *swoon* more importantly tho, are you single or taken?

I’m in a very serious relationship with the Domino’s delivery man.


LOL. How did you guys meet?

On the app. 


Maybe we need download that app ;) What's the best part of being single?

Having a medium pan pizza AND Parmesan bread twists all to myself. 


You're too good. Can we have a bite?! Besides all the pizza talk, tell us a story from your childhood that proves you're a #BOSS:

I always used to force my friends to do dances with me. Once, I lured them under the guide of a slip n slide party. I had just gotten two brand new ones. They didn’t know they would also be forced to film an S Club 7 music video. We wrapped after sundown. My friends were freezing and my backyard was a swamp. But you can BET we got the shot.


What's your favorite post- ((305)) snack?

A peanut butter and banana sandwich is where it’s at. 

Wait. Are you in love with Sydni too? Same.

Fall in love with her even harder in her class this week

Sadie Kurzban