305 Fitness Tenealle


This Australian firecracker will make you feel oh-so-sexy on the dance floor!

Tenealle (pronounced Tin-eel) is our little energizer bunny from Australia. 

If we could write Tenealle’s life story it would go something like this: hyper-active Aussie bored in school, daydreams constantly of dancing and singing. A loving mother flies her around the world, tying bows in her hair and helping her strap on leotards. She bids adieu to her very chill “no worries, mate” Australian beach town and builds a life for herself at the ripe age of 17 in New York City. She hustles her ass off, blisters on her feet and stars shining in her eyes. She debuts on Broadway; shakes her ass around the world with nbd names like Pitbull, Tiesto, Skillrex, Diplo; stars in West Side Story, Fuerza Bruta, Cirque du Soleil; and never, ever quits. She’s genuine, she’s silly, and in true Australian fashion, she’s incredibly non-judgmental.

Clearly, this one's an icon. 

If you didn't live in New York City, where would you be?

Australia, because that’s my home country.


Wow, that's so cool. What was life like, growing up in Australia? 

Gorgeous! Beaches beautiful sunny weather! I grew up right by the water. Australia has a very relaxed, laid back vibe. I would say 99% of Australians really are laid back, non-judgmental people! I think my Australian roots make it easier for me to accept everyone, no matter their quirks or moods. You know, the whole "no worries, mate" thing. That's a real thing. 


Sounds very different from life in New York City! 

It's true! In New York, it's easy to get caught up in the rush and instant gratification. I'm definitely a very high-energy person, so I'm always running around from one thing to the next. My favorite mantra is "just breathe." It's something I am constantly reminding myself of: to breathe, relax and just take a moment to take it all in! It will all be okay! Everything really does work out the way it's meant to! 


Yes! The New York rush is real! How did you end up in New York? 

My childhood was dance, dance, dance! I loved performing, always! I was distracted in school, but I lived for my moments of theater, dancing, singing. So when I was just 17, I decided to pack my bags and move to New York.

Wow! Just 17 years old and family so far away? That is a BOSS move!  

It was thrilling, really. I'm very close with my parents. My mum is a saint. She is the most selfless, giving person I know. Australia is a whole day of travel on a plane, the furthest place from here. I definitely miss family, but we make it work with a lot of FaceTime. 


Stahp! This is too sad!! Let's move on to brighter things. Fill in the blank... If this celeb took your class, you'd totally die:

Ansel Elgort. 


Speaking of - we all have a type, what's yours?

I really hate when people ask "what’s your type?” I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! When you say you have a type it’s just people being stubborn and not open to different experiences! I have dated every type. 


Preach! So who is your ((305)) instructor crush?

Maria! My angel. And of course, my brother, Walter



What's the one thing you always crave after an intense ((305)) class?

Museli bars! 

And how about a guilty pleasure?

Soda. I know it's SO bad for you. I'm trying to stop! 


We've all got our thing, right? :) 

So true. You know, this year, I've really learned to let things be. Accept change. Go with the flow more and more. This is kind of a downer, but not everyone will love you. You can't be everyone's cup of tea and that's okay! You continue being your amazing self. Don't change who you are. Don't force it. You just keep your head down, keep grinding and improve on who you are! 


Sounds like you work at ((305))! Ha! What do you love about teaching at ((305))?

I love ((305)) because it is so genuine. It is authentically positive and inclusive. It’s like a good friend! I can always count on ((305)) to pick me up from a low and turn my day around. 



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