It’s ((305)) Day, junkies, and y’all know we about to go AWF. We sat down with Sadie, our HBIC and fearless Founder, and gave her 305 seconds to answer these rapid-fire questions.


305 Fitness Founder Sadie
305 Fitness Founder Sadie
305 Fitness Founder Sadie


All-time favorite ((305)) dance?

“Grown Woman” by Beyonce


Favorite part of your job?

Training new instructors! So fun!


Typical breakfast?

Eggs, eggs, eggs. With veggies, of course. And chocolate!


305 Fitness Founder Sadie
305 Fitness Founder Sadie


Cheat food?

Can’t name them all. Chocolate every day. Slurpees on occasion.  


When you’re most in your element?

Teaching class, lifting weights, being silly with my best friend.  


305 Fitness Founder Sadie


5 things on your to-do list this week?

Oh snap. Here’s a random list that comes to mind:

  • Set itinerary for new instructor training.
  • Place orders for new apparel line.

  • Onboard our new marketing hire.

  • Clean up google drive.

  • Check on mock class schedule for new instructors.


Words you live by?

Life is short. IDGAF. Are those words to live by?


Advice for other entrepreneurs?

There’s no good time to start a business. There will always be reasons to put it off. Just do it!


Favorite workout outside ((305))?

Ah! Tough one! Big fan of SLT and Fhitting Room!


Typical Sunday?

Work! I still wake up at 6:30/7am, work from home, maybe go to the movies. I love to cook, I find it very relaxing and creative, so I cook a lot on Sundays.


Average hours you sleep?



305 Fitness Founder Sadie
305 Fitness Founder Sadie


Tea or coffee?

Coffee is life.


Biggest fear?

My dad dying . . . which will inevitably happen, but I really love him so, so, so much. We are soul mates.


What do you value most?

My time and my closest relationships: with my parents, my siblings, Sam and Jared (my two boyfriends).


Favorite way to unwind?

Hot/cold showers. Cryotherapy/steam room. Stretching. Cooking. Journaling, too!



💃 ((305)) DAY💃 

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