5 Ways To Celebrate 305 Day

305 Fitness Instructor Sadie Teaching

It's officially the best day of the year.

Today is March 5th AKA 305 Day AKA it's so much better than your typical Monday. We know just how to celebrate to bring those sweaty, sexy, high-energy vibes out of the studio and into your everyday life. 

305 Fitness Instructor Kayln & Bobby Choreo

1. Strut your stuff with this mood-boosting mix.

This #TBT mix is one hour straight of your favorite 305 throwbacks. Clickity click and download for the ultimate listening pleasure. Next time you're stuck on the treadmill, this mix is a must. S/O to DJ FX for the beats. 🎧




2. Invite your #girlcrush to take class witchu. #GNO

An amazing dance party is the ultimate bonding opportunity, aimirite? Book a class with your bestie and THEN do brunch. You'll be mad happy from the endorphins and that mimosa is gonna go twice as far. 🥂



3. Try 305 Advanced for the first time

If you've taken 10+ classes, then you know you're ready to take this to the next level.  Advanced Cardio Advanced = 58 minutes, full-body toning, fancy footwork. You got this. 💪

305 Fitness Instructors Choreo

4. Check out our fierce merch...cuz it's mad inexpensive today.

All day today: 50% off all apparel in-studio and 20% off all merch. Hell yasss. 😈


5. Sing it, girl. 

Whether you're in the shower,  on the studio dance floor, or walking home from work- let the music take over. If you can't make it to class, singing is proven to boost your mood and release those same mind-altering endorphins that a kick-ass ((305)) class can! 🎤

Titus Andromedon
Sadie Kurzban