305 Fitness Callie



She'll leave you outta breath and wanting more! 


A youthful take on an old favorite. Welcome Boston's newest addition -- Callie!

Her class is MADE for anyone who was forced to tap dance as a kid. Kick your legs, sing your heart out, and live your dreams with our little own Grace Kelly!

We caught up with our new fave good girl, who'll be sure to get you more-than-a-little crazy on the dance floor!

let's kick things off! tell us a story from your childhood that proves you're a #BOSS.

4th grade town-wide spelling bee champ. NBD!


Damn girl! We're impressed ;) but spill the tea, what's your relationship status?

Single and do not have the time to mingle!


We know you're busy AF, but if you could have lunch with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

My grandmother, Michael Scott, and Ellen DeGeneres

Fun Dance Workout
Fun Dance Workout


Hey now, how did you first get involved with ((305))?

When I first was applying to do twerk study at ((305)), it was simply for the budgetary perks for a fun workout. I was introduced by former work study-turned-instructor, Kelly, who also happened to be my first ballet teacher back in third grade!


Yass! We love Kelly! Since twerk study and now becoming an instructor, what have you learned from your journey so far?

Since finding ((305)) Fitness, I have been able to grow as a friend, a dancer, and a person through all of the incredible souls met along the way. I was raised as a classical dancer, and had the tendency to model my life in a classical manner as well.

((305)) has taught me that it is okay to be a “little” crazy, it is okay to let your hair down, and most importantly it is okay to love yourself! Being able to interact with ((305)) junkies (and becoming one!) has shown me how something so simple as a “55-minute dance cardio workout” can change someone’s outlook on life.


Fun Dance Workout
Fun Dance Workout


Love that! How do you want to make people feel in your classes?

Empowered, Confident, Strong

Something so simple as a ‘55-minute dance cardio workout’ can change someone’s outlook on life!

Here's an important question tho: your favorite 90s jam is:

"... Baby One More Time" ha! Get it? Because I was a baby, born in '99!


What is your favorite part of class to teach?

Warmup! It's when the DJs shine and surprise us all with awesome music. Also, I love how everyone is just rearing to go and gets right into it!


Finally, if this ONE celeb took your class & you'd totally DIE, who would it be?

Queen B! 👑🐝

Can't get enough of Callie? Same.

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