305 Fitness Hot Mama Ellen


Birthin' & Twerkin' ((305)) Mama Ellen

YAS MAMA! We're celebrating all ((305)) moms leading up to Mother's Day. They're some of the most badass women we know out there! Birthing, twerking, and getting paid, okurrr?!

Meet ((305))'s newest supermomma: Ellen. You probably saw her V-stepping and twirling up until 37 weeks of pregnancy! 🤰 Fun fact - her baby daddy is also DJ Ardent! 🚼

Hey mama! First things first, how did you first hear about ((305))?

I was working at Columbia University as a researcher, and my co-worker told me she went to this new HIIT dance workout that she thought I would love (since I used to do dance).  We took an early Sunday morning class when ((305)) was being held out of PMT Dance Studio and I believe Jess was my first instructor!


Werk! Love that! What was your first class like?

I remember clamoring to be by the mirrors and standing very close to the DJ table.  I sweat like I had never sweat before, and it was instantly addictive.  Immediately after that, my friend and I bought student packages and I've been going to ((305)) ever since, even well into my 37th week of pregnancy!

You are more than enough, and you are doing your best everyday.

OMG! That's some serious MILF $! So how do you celebrate being a mom?

Hahaha!  I'm not sure I'm so qualified yet to answer that question.  I think that would have to be a question for Jeo: How does he plan on celebrating me being a mom for the first time? *hint hint*

305 Fitness Hot Mama Ellen

My suggestion would be peonies and gardenias as well as a great card as those have always a fan favorite with my mom.  I've really only been a mom for 3 weeks, so I'm a bit of a newbie. My moments of celebrating motherhood thus far is every second I spend with my little family, dancing and talking to the baby, changing diapers, naps together, and just cherishing the time we have together. 


Aww so cute! Besides taking ((305)) while you were preggers, what do you think makes you a "cool mom"?

I still feel like the same woman as I was before.  Perhaps with a lot less sleep and a lot less personal time.  Maybe what's kinda "cool" is that I get to breastfeed and burp our baby to a live DJ all the time.  The turntables are always on, and the baby never minds the loud music; he's probably acclimated to it since being in utero at ((305)).

Go at your pace, breathe, take space and adjust as you need it; your body and baby will thank you for it later!

YAS ((305)) since birth! What's a pro-tip for soon-to-be ((305)) moms?

First off, mommas-to-be at ((305)), you are NOT alone!  I've taken advanced classes with friends and fellow moms (pre and post). Most important: go at your pace, breathe, take space and adjust as you need it, your body and baby will thank you for it later.  P.S. invest in a belly band for workouts - - so worth it. Shout out to @baobeimaternity.

305 Fitness Hot Mama Ellen

So true! Wrapping up, drop some knowledge to the new mamas out there!

Everyone's different - every pregnancy is different, every birth story, every baby, and every family.  Don't get caught up in trying to compare yourself to that mom on instagram who works out everyday post-partum if that isn't you.  If you have baby belly fat - that's more than okay.  Embrace your new body, your new role, and your new life as best as you can.  Don't let others dictate for you how things "should be".  You are more than enough, and you are doing your best everyday.  All the rest will fall in line later.

Shake what your mama gave ya!

With your mom, duh. Take her out to ((305)), honey!

Sadie Kurzban