Our new Boston instructor Charae is a the pint-sized, big-hearted woman we can’t stop raving about. Watch and learn. The only time you’ll wanna stop in this class is to catch your breath and watch Charae murder the next move. Her passion and enthusiasm is totally infectious.

We wanna bottle up whatever Charae has got running through her bloodstream and sell it at Coachella. Girl is basically flying off the walls. Girl is basically flying off the walls. Not a dancer? No problem. Fake it ’til you make it.

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Hey girl hay! Welcome to the ((305)) fam, Charae! Let’s kick things off with a story from your childhood that proves you’re a #BOSS.

Convincing a group of girls on my street that I was knowledgeable enough to be their dance teacher. We would meet in my backyard with my boom box and I would teach them all had learned that week attending dance class.


DAMN! Total #BOSS move! Tell us, if you could have lunch with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Micheal Jackson, Barack Obama, Beyoncé


Ugh Beyoncé tho! Hmm, what is your favorite 90s jam is . . .

Murder She Wrote

I love that ((305)) makes working out fun. The atmosphere makes you want to push yourself.

We all have a type ;) If you had to describe the men you've dated, what are they like?!

Educated, tall, well mannered, and stylish.


Sounds like some hot men! Speaking of . . . are you single or taken? Give us the deetz!

Taken! We met while he was walking to get in line for a bar downtown Boston.




We wanna meet this man! Anyways, what’s your relationship like with your parents?

I’m definitely a daddy’s girl! He has always pushed me to work hard! Ever since I was a little reminded me of my importance and helped me appreciate my blackness.

He sounds like an epic role model! What other relationships are important to you?

My relationship with my niece is very important. She really looks up to me and always wants to be around me. It makes me feel appreciated. I just want to continue to be someone she looks up to.

((305)) is place full of positive vibes and smiles!

We've all got something that defines our identity. For some of us, that's being a woman, gay, a person of color, a creative. What is something you identify with and how do you identify with it?

I identify as a black woman. I identify with it by embracing my culture, From family, food, dance , and music.


LOVE that! OK, last one! Why do you love ((305))?

I love that ((305)) makes working out fun. The atmosphere makes you want to push yourself. ((305)) is place full of positive vibes and smiles!d




Us too, boo! Get your a$$ to class and sign up for some fun with this Boston babe here