Pride Is More Than Glitter: Deaton

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Kiki-ing with The 305 Kween


YAS, June is PRIDE month! It is the time when the community comes together to commemorate the Stonewall Riots and celebrate our LGBTQ brothers, sisters, and folks in between. We kiki'd with 305 Kween Deaton to get the tea behind all the glitter and rainbows.

Starting things off, what does "pride" mean to you?

Pride is a celebration of love, specifically love born out of acceptance and not hate. You can love out of hate - it's certainly possible and very evident in today's political climate - but that's not what pride celebrates. Pride is a celebration of love seen through a positive lens with an eye towards acceptance.

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Totes! Describe your "coming out" experience.

I came out to my high school friends when I got into Columbia University. It was my senior year and I was only able to come into my sexuality knowing I was going to a place that would accept me as I was and am. Spatial awareness is a serious thing y'all! Not just in ((305)) class with the pink dots, but in life too.

I came out to my family just before going to college after my grandmother caught me making out with a guy in my room. So, my hand was kind of forced (but I wasn't being handsy, promise!). It didn't go well and the struggle was very real, but it made me stronger and I wouldn't change a thing.

That ability to overcome deserves respect, so show up for pride goddammit!

We hear ya! Do you have any advice for anyone going through the coming out process?

Why not you? Why can't you be an openly gay high school track star, graduate with top grades in his high school class, get the f*ck out of the South, and move to New York with a full ride at an Ivy League school (that's me 😉)? Why can't you be the lesbian who stars on a prime time TV show? Why can't you be the transgender person of color who becomes CEO of a publicly traded company? Whether it's today, tomorrow, or years from now, someone is going to do it. So, why not you?


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What do you wish others knew more about the LGBTQ community?

The LGBTQ community is not just a sexual or gender identification, it is group of people that have overcome. From our first breath, we were told that we are or were assumed to be of a certain sexuality and/or gender. We all had to look deep within ourselves from a very early age to discover the real person inside of us. Times are changing and hopefully it won't be the same in future generations, like you can't tell a baby what their sexuality is! Though it was like that for everyone in the LGBTQ community today. That ability to overcome deserves respect, so show up for pride goddammit!

Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or years from now, someone is going to do it. So, why not you?

Lastly, do you have any LGBTQ icons that you'd like to shoutout?

Big Freedia is not only an inspiration to me, but a seriously underrated source of culture for all races and genders, both hetero- and homosexual. He is the rags-to-riches face of the Bounce music and dance movement spreading out of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina. He is a genuine individual, a self-proclaimed "sissy" with a very androgynous style. Big Freedia's capacity to love, stay true to himself, and create seriously unique and dope music is incredible. He's performing Saturday of NYC Pride weekend! And he has a show on Hulu! Get into Big Freedia the Queen Diva!

Come on, circuit queens!

We know you love to dance. We know you love to sweat. We know you love to be sexy. And we KNOW you love to throw shade and spill the well-brewed tea. Sign up for 305 Pride and Rainbow 🌈 classes all month long.

P.S. Duh you can come if you don't identify as LGBTQ but you are a proud ally. As always, all are welcome.

Sadie Kurzban