Pride Is More Than Glitter: Wisty

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Kiki-ing with The Granola Grind


YAS, June is PRIDE month! It is the time when the community comes together to commemorate the Stonewall Riots and celebrate our LGBTQ brothers, sisters, and folks in between. We kiki'd with kween Wisty of ((305)) Boston to get the tea behind all the glitter and rainbows.

Kicking things off, what does "pride" mean to you?

To me, pride is having a strong sense of who I am and lovingly express who I am for myself and others. A way of celebrating Pride for me is buzzing/shaving the sides of my head, letting my armpit hairs grow out, wearing something that feels like *me*, being comfortable in my own skin, and being ME wherever I go

Pride is also accepting others as they are, as I understand that we are all "equal experiencers" in this world. We all have an opportunity to create our own reality and live as we choose!


YAS! So perfectly said. So why do you love Pride month?

It is a wonderful time to focus on celebrating the fact that we are all the same (as we are all human) but we are also all unique (as every human has a different experience). Pride is acceptance and celebration of who we are, regardless of who we choose to love, as it is all love! 

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Okurrr! Now, describe your "coming out" experience.

I feel that my experience is unique, as it wasn't one big moment, but more like a clarifying, acceptance experience over a long period of time. Throughout my life I had been conditioned to think limiting beliefs, and before college and this relationship I was in, I didn't questions myself at all about my sexuality. I felt pressured to be a certain way which I thought was "me."

My questioning of my sexuality started around 18, while I was in a long distance relationship. Before then, I had always just assumed that I was straight, meant-to-be in a monogamous relationship. During this relationship, I was starting to "open my mind" and question, "Am I someone who wants to connect with more than one person? What would it feel like to connect with a woman sexually?" These questions ignited a feeling of eagerness and exploration within me. 

On Oct 11, 2016 aka National Coming Out Day, I came out "officially" on Facebook and confirmed, publicly and for myself, that I am pansexual and queer. I felt relief, vulnerability, and acceptance of my whole self. 

Between that time of the long distance relationship up to that coming out moment, I started dating my wonderful (current) partner Julien of 4+ years who has supported me on this journey, loves me unconditionally, and gave me the space and support to feel safe to express more of who I feel is my true self, the self that I know and love.

It wasn’t one big moment, but more like a clarifying, acceptance experience over a long period of time. 

That's amazingly powerful. Coming to terms with yourself is such a raw and personal experience. Do you have any advice for anyone going through the process?

The first step is to love and accept yourself fully as you are. Keep track of how you feel and what resonates with you as you explore. Don't be afraid to try new things as there is no need to put any pressure on yourself. You may also feel different from day to day, which is also ok. When you experience life through the eyes of love and compassion, you will only invite more both in your life. 

Surround yourself with people who can be honest with you and practice empowering yourself to choose how you want to connect with others, or how you present yourself. There is no right or wrong, only LOVE! 


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What do you wish others knew more about the LGBTQ community?

We are all human, regardless of how we feel like we want to express ourselves on the outside or who we like to be sexually intimate with. Every single human is having a unique experience, so of course, it is natural for many people to prefer something other than the sexual orientation that the "majority" prefers or the gender identity they were born in.  We are all human, we all deserve love and respect, we all face struggles, and all of our lives are temporary. So might as well love and support each other!

The first step is to love and accept yourself fully as you are. Keep track of how you feel and what resonates with you as you explore.

So well said. Finally, who inspires you in the LGBTQ community?

I am inspired by the incredible artists and friends around me who are unapologetically themselves and showing PRIDE everyday of the year. There are too many to list: people from the Boston Burlesque community, Fem Bone, Simone de Boudoir, and Jolie la vie, some friends from school who are all wonderful artists, Quinton Guthier, Mishka Hoosen-Lewis, and also famous people I adore, Lady Gaga, RuPaul, and Pabllo Vittar.

I love people who express who they are and not give a f*ck. Seeing them support others in the LGBTQ community and being themselves helps me to keep doing the same for myself and support others in their journey.

Come on, circuit queens!

We know you love to dance. We know you love to sweat. We know you love to be sexy. And we KNOW you love to throw shade and spill the well-brewed tea. Sign up for 305 Pride and Rainbow 🌈 classes all month long.

P.S. Duh you can come if you don't identify as LGBTQ but you are a proud ally. As always, all are welcome.

Sadie Kurzban