5 Ways to Stretch Without Dying of Boredom

Is it just us, or is stretching seriously the last thing we remember to do? We're growing up. We're even flossing now. But we just can't remember to do the whole touch-the-toes-for-30-seconds thing.

So we asked our favorite redheaded glamazon and athletic trainer, Megan Richardson, how to add some stretch to our everyday. 

“Dynamic stretching is great when you’re watching TV or cooking dinner at the end of the night-  or you can do them throughout the day- basically, wherever it fits in your schedule,” she said. “And you don’t have to do ALL of them everyday, focus on what is feeling tight or stiff- or if you have problem areas. Even doing just 1 or 2 everyday would improve your workout.” 

Sounds good to us!!

1. DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT (in front of the microwave)

Ivy Doing a Squat

“These stretches are a great way to warm up your body particularly for 305,” Megan said. “These dynamic moves stretch the muscles like an accordion where we’re lengthening the muscle we want to stretch and then pumping blood through it, making it active and warming it up - perfect for the movements that are gonna require a little bit more flexibility but also require strength.” 

Bottoms up SQUAT
Stretches hamstrings and hips
Pro-Tip: Push arms into your thighs. Keep your back straight.

2. LEGS UP (since you're binge watching TV anyway)

Ivy doing a leg lift

“Theres a fine line between stability and flexibility. You don’t want really mobile joints without strong muscles, but you don’t want really strong muscles with no flexibility. Balanced joints come from making sure you are creating length and strength, “ Megan said.  

Lift that leg
Activates your glutes
Pro-Tip: Squeeze your belly as your leg comes off the ground. Then flip over and hug your knees to your chest. This is the ultimate way to warm up before stretching your hips.

3. WORK DAT A$$ (while waiting for your food delivery)

Ivy does a butt strengthener

"A lot of times when we work out, our hamstrings get too strong and our butt doesn't do the work and that's when we get knee and hip pain. As you can see here she's engaging her butt and keeping her pelvis and everything else level- teaching herself to use her butt as a hip extender and not her hamstrings," said Megan.

Butt hinge
Builds booty and core strength
Pro-Tip: Push heel into wall. Use your butt, not hamstring. Great for before class.

4. LUNGE and LEAN (while you wait for your roommate to get out of the shower)

Ivy lunges and stretches

“When we exercise, our muscles break down and then our body repairs, and it makes the muscle stronger. That process creates a waste product (like lactic acid), so we want to stretch the muscles to reset them to their natural length,” Megan said.

Walking lunge with a reach
Stretches tight hips and warms the body up well
Pro-Tip: Do this one before class.

5. GRAB A FRIEND and SQUAT YOUR STUFF (it's going to take you AT LEAST 30 minutes to decide what to wear tonight anyway)

Ivy lunges with a resistance band

“By doing the dynamic stretches, you pump the lactic acid or waste out of the system, helping you to recover quickly and not feel as sore and stiff so you’ll be ready for class the next day," Megan said.

Single leg squat assisted with a band
Strengthens hips and perfects your knee alignment
Pro-Tip: Keep your knee tracking over your toes.

Megan headshot


Megan boasts some serious cred, with degrees in Kinesiology, Athletic Training, and Acupuncture. For more info on her practice, visit her site.


Now that you've got the tools, you're gonna be flying through those high knees and body rolls. See you on the dance floor this week, junkies!  


Sadie Kurzban