What's the Deal-Yo? Free Weights vs Resistance Machines


If you’re new to strength training, you’re probably wondering,

Do I use free weights or resistance machines?

The answer 1000% depends on what you’re trying to work on! Both have their pros and cons, which can impact how you workout. Don’t worry boo, we break it all down for you!

Free Weights


If you’re a ((305)) junkie, you know the colorful free weights well! We also use them in PWR too, which if you haven’t signed up, you’re missing out, forreals!

Free weights are amazing as they allow for 3-D movement, meaning you can move them up, down, side 2 side, etc. You are able to change up direction easily. This helps you build functional fitness and prevent everyday injuries that can happen!

Since free weights don’t take up much space, you can literally keep them anywhere at home or under your desk at work to get all your reps in.

However, with free weights, you gotta make sure your exercise form is right. If you carry the wrong size weight or do a rep incorrectly, you could increase the chances of injury.

Resistance Machines


Machines are PERF for focusing and developing specific muscle groups. You can worry less about the movement and just push yourself on increasing effort and intensity. Think of the machine as your support; helping to stabilize your the other parts of your body while you focus on a target area.

The downside of machines is that since they’re used to focus on specific body parts, the surrounding muscle groups may go underdeveloped, which can increase your chances of injuries outside of the gym. Yikes!


tenor (4).gif

Both free weights and resistance machines have great benefits, so you should incorporate both into your workouts. Start with free weights to learn the movements and to get your form right, then begin using different resistance machines to target specific muscle groups that you want to focus on.

With either option, play around with reps, speed, and intensity to vary up your routine.

Remember, STRONG is always sexy! xoxo

Sadie Kurzban