THIS JUST IN: Why Dancing is The Best Exercise

The other day I was waiting in line for my oat milk latte, browsing my favorite site The Cut, when I noticed this articled called “Why Dancing is The Best Exercise”.

three girls dancing

As a 305 Junkie myself, I already thought this might be the case, but was curious to see what they had to say so I clicked.

Turns out there’s a new scientific study to back my gut feelings. Here’s the takeaway:

Although it is unclear why dancing alone reduced the risk of activities of daily living disability, dancing requires not only balance, strength, and endurance ability, but also cognitive ability: adaptability and concentration to move according to the music and partner, artistry for graceful and fluid motion, and memory for choreography.

Not to toot my own horn, but I KNEW IT!!!!!!

Anyway, you can read the whole article here.

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Sadie Kurzban