What’s a Chiropractor and Do I Need One?

TRUTH BOMB: this is my favorite kind of Doctor. And believe me – it feels better than it looks (or sounds).


Chiropractors study the body, particularly the spine, and use their hands to manipulate the spine into proper alignment. They will do an adjustment every visit based on your needs. They believe that if your spine is in alignment, healing will happen.

Do you need one? Probably.

The knot in your neck.
Lower back pain.
The injury you never really bounced back from.
Staring at a computer screen all day.

Chiropractors can help.

It’s kind of weird at first – you lay down on a table. They move your arms and legs, this way and that and then CRRRRRRRRK. The adjustment. Ah! It feels so good just thinking about it. Oh – and after each session, it’s super important to drink water and flush out all the icky stuff.

By the way – health insurance usually covers Chiropractors so this healthy habit won’t break the bank.

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Sadie Kurzban