How to be a morning person according to NYC Instructor Bex

Fact: we all can’t be morning people. But, if you want to free up your evenings but still get your workout in before you head to the office our fabulous NYC instructor Bex has some advice.

“I find getting my workout done first thing in the morning sharpens my focus for the rest of the day, and I’m less likely to skip it if I’m tired at night/it’s dark out/I stay late at the office/Vanderpump Rules is on. That’s why I love teaching then too!" she said.

Bex sitting on a couch dressed in office clothes

Need to go from Morning Werkout to Work-Work Like A Pro? 💪👟

Here are a few of her tips.

Actually put together a gym bag.

Find a back pack or large tote to keep your sneakers, socks, hairbrush, water bottle, and cosmetics in. MAJOR TIMESAVER. Keeping your gym bag packed and ready to go will allow you to hit snooze in the morning and not miss your 7am class.

WINTER TIP: when it snows or rains, wear your boots rather than sneakers outside. Don’t get those sneakers slippery for class!

Mini containers ARE EVERYTHING!!!

Make your own travel size products with reusable mini containers. Leave the DIY smaller size products in your bag to cut down on getting ready time.

When you hop in the shower, use a shower cap.

Don’t be shy. It will save you so much time in the blow drying department.

Lay all your beauty/skincare/hair stuff on a small towel

Ever put a Q-Tip on the counter and didn’t realize counter was wet? Ugh. Plus, the towel means easier clean up when you are done.

Disposable contacts are KEY
I’m big on disposable contacts if you need em...sweat dries the lenses out and makes you feel tired, so swapping out for a new pair is clutch!

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Sadie Kurzban