Instructor Love Stories: Cierra

It doesn’t matter if you’re single and ready to mingle or all boo’d up, February 14 is a day to celebrate love in all forms.

In honor of VDay, we got some of our fave instructors to share intimate deets on finding (and staying in) love. Keep reading for more on Cierra, the Regal and Ready, and boo thang Joe.

Oh hey, boos! Tell us, how did y’all first meet?  

Cierra: We met on Bumble! Joe had just moved down here for a job and a friend of mine had met a great guy on there (they're now engaged!), so I figured why not?! His profile mentioned that he liked policy and I was sold.

Joe: We connected via Bumble, but we first met at a quaint little place that serves the best wine on the Hill.

What did you first think of one another?

Cierra: I'll never forget when I walked into the bar where we met up for our first date - I saw him, my heart danced inside my body, and something about his soul immediately connected with mine. We talked all night and then we took a walk around the Capitol building. He was so excited to show me a special angle of the Capitol (even though I had been there maaannny times before!) and he looked at me and said, "Aren't we so blessed to live here?" From that moment I knew that he would forever hold a special place in my heart.  

Joe: When I first saw her I could barely compose myself... so I couldn't think too much. Although, I do recall telling myself "don't mess this up."

When did you start dating?

Cierra: We started dating over a year ago. After our first date, we went on our second date the next day, our third date the day after that, and our fourth date the day after that. We've been pretty inseparable since then.

Joe: We started talking around Thanksgiving and she immediately went on a 3 week vacation so we didn't start dating until after Christmas. We went on like four dates in a row and we've been together since then.

He always reminds me that we’ll get through it together and that brings me peace, knowing I don’t have to face the challenges of the world alone.

What are three things that you love about your partner?

Cierra: Joe is incredibly brilliant. He's also extremely dedicated to his passions and his work and always manages to make me laugh.

Joe: Her quiet giggles, brilliance, and radiant glow.

Ugh such #RelationshipGoals! What are some of your partner’s quirks?

Cierra: Joe leaves half-full cans of La Croix everywhere (keyword: half full!) He hates the sound of people eating and has to listen to a podcast to fall asleep (even though I need complete darkness and silence to fall asleep).

Joe: She borrows more books than she can read and let's them pile up around the house, turns on every light when she first wakes up, and loves to borrow phone and computer chargers and then blame me when she can't find them.

How would you describe the dynamic of your relationship?

Cierra: We're partners. One of the things I love about Joe is that whenever things are hectic or we have to make a decision about something, he always reminds me that we'll get through it together and that brings me peace, knowing I don't have to face the challenges of the world alone.

Joe: We're a team. She's my best friend.

What's the best advice you can give another couple?

Cierra: Never take the little moments for granted, find new ways to love your partner every day, and always let them know they're appreciated.

Joe: Communicate, communicate, communicate -- little problems can become big problems if you don't talk through them. Laugh together and at one another. Oh, and don't leave La Croix cans everywhere or water behind the faucet in the bathroom.

What are your three favorite experiences that you’ve been through together as a couple?

Cierra: 1) On one of our first dates, Joe surprised me and took me to three different bookstores because well....we're nerds. We spent the day talking about our favorite books, reading books, and exploring new places in the city. Anyone that knows me knows that this is my ideal situation. 2) Joe and I moved in together after realizing he hadn't left my place in a month. Coming home to him is the best (especially when he's working and I talk his ear off, lol!) 3) Last year I gave a TEDx talk and even though Joe had heard me practice my speech a million times, he somehow managed to maneuver his way into the front row and he was smiling the whole time.

Joe: A) We went onto the US House of Representatives chamber floor together B) Our first road trip together to her home at the Jersey Shore (although Cierra would say "it's the beach, NOT the Jersey Shore") C) The day we moved in together and our houses became a home.