Valentine's Day Happenings in NYC

We rounded up some of the best V-Day activities in NYC, so you could spend that glorious time doing other things. What are friends for, right?! Whether you’re single or wife’d up, these activities will add the perfect dose of romance into your life.


Take your date to the top of the Empire State Building

Ok this sounds cliche, but hear me out. There’s a reason the top of the Empire State Building is so popular - it’s AMAZING! And the rooftop deck is open until 3am so you can make a stop after dinner before!! And if your single- this could be an amazing opportunity for a meet-cute. I mean, THE TOP of THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING on VALENTINE’S DAY?!? Doesn’t get any better than that.


Go Ice Skating on a heart-shaped Rink

Fall in love with the skyline at Winterland Rink at Pier 17. Grab somebody you love and prepare to skate the evening away surrounded by some of New York’s best sights. The rink closes at 9pm, but you can always slip into the cozy, ski-chalet feeling rooftop bar for snacks and sips.


Get advice from a Sexpert

The Moxy Hotel in Times Square is hosting the New York- native resident Bi-con Remy Duran for a lunch-time panel (from 12pm-2pm) discussing all things SEX. Get all your sizzling questions answered so you can end V-Day hot and heavy.



Single on Valentine’s? Coupled up? We’re cooking up an awesome game plan that involves an ass-kicking cardio class and an evening of some drama-free feel-good ish. Endorphins? ✅ Red wine? ✅ Sexy Cupid? ✅ YAS Juliet!

Sadie Kurzban