5 Ways to Have Better Sex

Straight FLX’ing

You stretch after a sweat sesh to help with muscle recovery, but did you know stretching also helps increase your libido and fulfill the big O? Stretching eases the tension in your muscles so you have a more relaxed bod. Better blood flow means more energy and more stamina. OH, and you can totally try that cool sex trick you saw on TV.

Craving that deeeeep stretch? Treat yo self to ((305)) FLX for better X. You’ll thank us later.

Girl in purple shirt stretching.gif

Tell me how you want it

No, but really. Tell your partner what you don’t like, what you do like and what ya LOVEEEE. Faster. Slower. Deeper. Harder. Ohhhh ya, right there.

Faking orgasms is common, especially for women, and ladies you aren’t doing yourself or your partner any favors by doing it. Speak up. A little guidance goes a long way. Let them know when they hit you juuuussst right so you can have more of the sex you love.

By the way - communication isn’t just for the bedroom. Sexting is a form of foreplay. It’s a fun way to connect with your partner before the physical intimacy happens. Emojis and flirty roleplay add excitement to your day. You might just want to give bae a heads up before texting that foxy photo ;-)

Spice up your life

Flavor is the spice of life. Did you know sex toys are most often bought by people in relationships? Introducing furry handcuffs, vibrating penis rings and warming lubricant to the bedroom are a few easy ways you can change things up in the sack.

Healthy Diet - Maca

If you needed another reason to eat right, here it is! A diet rich in veggies, fruit and healthy fats leads to increased mood and hormone vitality, so you can perform your best in bed and elsewhere. Some vitamins and minerals, like Maca, work especially well to increase your sex-drive.


Rupaul just breathe with hand motion.gif

There is a known pleasure gap between Men and Women.

It is harder for Women to achieve Orgasm, but proper breathing will help. Taking full, deep breaths will help you calm your muscles, increase blood flow and more easily focus your attention on your pleasure spots.


Sadie Kurzban