Step by Step: Just Got Paid

New choreo got'chu feelin' like 😡? Let's break it down for ya!

Follow NYC's Deena as she breaks down "Just Got Paid." Watch and re-watch till you master the moves and then bring that ass to class to show them off πŸ”₯

Step 1: Model Lateral

Walk and pop that hip right then left.

Make it sassy - throw your head back and open your chest.

Model Lateral.gif

Step 2: Basketball to Jump

Get low and dribble big.


basketball to jump.gif

Step 3: Skaters

Open your arms wide, take up space babe!

Hop and skate right then left and throw your hands down.


Step 4: Low V to Beach Girl

Step forward right, left. Step back right, left.

Add the arms with each step.

Pivot and swing your right leg forward. Shakira that booty up and down!

Low V to Beach Girl.gif

Ready to slay IRL?

Sadie Kurzban