Step by Step: Killa Shit Funk

If you’ve taken class lately you probably have noticed something… WE GOT NEW CHOREO!!!!!!!!

This is very exciting but can be very confusing. No worries. We’re here to break it down for you.

Follow NYC's Deena as she breaks down "Killa Shit Funk." Watch and re-watch till you master the moves and then bring that ass to class to show them off 🔥

  1. Take it to the runway

    Strut your stuff - this move is all about nailing the left-right-up-up arm movements.


2. Pull slide, pull slide, then kick it out

This combo packs a lot of punches. Pull and slide left, pull and slide right and then kick it out! But don’t forget the arms!

2 pull slides, 2 kicks.gif

3. Swag it out for 4 beats - then strike 3 poses

To quote the legendary Lil John “Get low, get low, get low.” After 4 beats of impersonating your favorite rapper, find your inner pop goddess and hit your 3 best poses. If you struggle with thinking of poses on the fly in class, there’s no shame in figuring out 3-5 go-to poses to bring into the studio at home.

Swag bounce 4 beats to up-up-freeze_3 poses.gif

4. 2 cross jumps, then take it low-low

Reach for the sky with 2 criss cross jumps, before tootin’ that thang from side to side.

Cross jumps to Willy bounce.gif

Ready to slay IRL?

Sadie Kurzban