OMG, did you see us in the news?!

Look muva, we’re famous! Junkies know how f*cking amazing ((305)) is -- a community that celebrates all bodies and abilities while making you feel confident AF. And the word is gettin’ out, hunny! We’re roundin’ up some of our fave shout-outs from the last few months. Keep reading for all the tea!

Bored of the treadmill and can’t bear to climb one more Stairmaster step? Essence has got you, boo! In their latest, “Tired Of The Gym? Unique Dance Fitness Classes Near You”, they’re runnin’ through the hottest dance workouts across the country. And you bet your booty that ((305)) is on that list! 

“They didn't get a five-star Yelp rating for nothing! With a live DJ, light show and high-intensity booty-poppin' cardio, you can easily burn 900 calories in a single class with 305 Fitness. Get ready to sweat and be sore for days (that's how you know you crushed it!).”

Obvi junkies love ((305)) for our a$$-crushing workout and our dope AF instructors, but they’re also *obsessed* with our studios! As y’all know, these aren’t your dad’s gym with gross florescent lighting and grey concrete walls.

As House Beautiful writes in “Are Gyms the New Design Hotspots?”, ((305)) is the coolest studio space out there right now. “The class wasn't at just any fitness studio -- it was set in a kaleidoscopically-colored, Memphis-meets-modern, two-story extravaganza (complete with disco balls and neon) created by rising design star Sasha Bikoff.”

The Betches always know what’s up! In their rundown of the “10 Workout Classes To Try In New York Right Now”, they’re hyping ((305)) as the go-to workout for dancers and non-dancers alike. “305 isn’t dancing like, pirouette and leaps, it’s like high-intensity Miami-style club dancing.”

Plus, they give a huge-shoutout to Katie and our other dope a$$ instructors. “You’ll notice that every single instructor has an incredible wardrobe and can dance like they’re about to be hand-selected for Coachella performances by Queen Bey herself.”

Ready to twerk it out?