How to express your inner artist as an adult

What is it about getting older that makes it seem so much harder to ENJOY and MAKE ART?!?!

This fall we’re getting back into exploring our creative sides and we encourage you to, too. Peep the list below for 4 ways to get those artistic juices flowin’.


1. Learn something new in an art class

Ok, you have probably thought of this one, but like… actually do it this time. We love checking out CourseHorse - there are so many options! Ceramics! Photography! Make your own sandals! Learn to make ravioli! The options are literally endless. Not only is it fun to try something new, you’re putting yourself in a good position to make a new friend - and learn something new about yourself!

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2. Break your routine

Always dream of taking the ferry to work? Do you go to the same coffee shop every morning? Wish you would wake up early enough to walk to work instead of taking the train? DO IT! Breaking your routine is the #1 way to get creative! Who knows what you’ll see or experience on your new morning commute! Maybe you’ll see a parrot trainer, which reminds you of your love for the circus, and then you take an acrobatics class and find a whole new career! Or maybe it won’t be that extreme, but you get what I’m saying…

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Chances are you probably have a birthday, baby shower, or engagement party coming up. Why not log into that Pinterest account and make something you’ve been dying to try? It’ll be an amazing stress reliever and you get to flex those creativity muscles. Don’t have any upcoming events? Try making something for your apartment!

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4. Go to a museum

Head to a museum to get major inspiration for your next artistic pursuit - maybe you sign up for an art critique, take a guided tour to learn more about your favorite pieces or just peruse the gift shop for some good learning materials (museum gift shops have the best books!).

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Sadie Kurzban