Practicing Balance During Libra SZN

Let that ishhhh go!

Let that ishhhh go!

If you’ve been feeling like you’re running on empty, obsessing over the little things, and hyper-criticizing yourself, it’s not you, it’s Virgo season!

While it’s been a great month for grounding, crushing deadlines, and organizing closets, it’s also the reason my eye has been twitching for 10 days straight. She’s ready to move into balanced, gentle Libra season, y’all!

The Zodiac symbol for Libra is the balance scales, so it’s a great time to evaluate how we’ve been spending (and over-spending) our time and energy and get back into flow.

Turn that phone on airplane mode, bb. I’ve got a little self-reflection practice for ya! Read more to flex your reflection muscles.

Start by taking 5 deep breaths and feeling into your own energy, your source of eternal peace and stillness. Remember and trust that your body knows exactly how to relax, and that balance is its default state.

Grab a pen and paper and noodle on these babies:

  1. What does balance even look like to you?

  2. What’s one thing you’ve unconsciously done to inhibit your own sense of balance in the past 6 months?

  3. What’s one commitment you’re dreading that you can cancel or postpone right now? What will you do with that reclaimed time?

  4. What’s something that you LOVE that you haven’t been making time for? Why haven’t you prioritized it?

  5. What “stories” about balance have you inherited? Did you grow up in an all-work, no-play household? Do you feel like no matter what you do, it’s never enough? Are these really your beliefs, or did they come from someone/somewhere else? Write about whatever comes to mind.

  6. Whose permission are you unconsciously seeking or waiting for before you can live in balance?

  7. Describe one moment in the past month when you felt totally in flow. What was so special about that moment?

See, wasn’t so bad bby! Read over your responses and reflect on how you feel. Sometimes, all it takes is flushing out our thoughts, emotions, and feelings to help recenter and balance us out!

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Sadie Kurzban