Erica: The Double Shot

305 Fitness Instructor Erica


Incredibly passionate and knows how to push limits.

Meet Erica - She’s a whole lotta woman. She’s tough and edgy, with a thick New York accent and a full tattoo sleeve. But a sensual, feminine aura also surrounds her, like some invisible sexy halo crowning her queen. There’s something incredibly powerful about a woman who’s so self-sufficient. You'll reach your deepest potential in this give-no-f*cks, anything- goes environment.

Let's start with any easy one. If you didn't live in New York City, where would you be?

Costa Rica!


The only answer fit for a true queen! And how about your fave way to chill TF out?

Doing yoga, cooking, and experimenting with skin care routines! 


Girl, you GLOW! We could sense your healthy side. What's your fave snack?

Quinoa and spinach with turmeric; it's great for anti-inflammatory.

305 Fitness Instructor Erica

Girl Crush Alert!

#WCW erryday!

Yum! You've got to give us that recipe ASAP. Keepin on that good-good, tell us 3 ways you'd like people to feel while taking your class.

Cherished, confident, and most importantly, sexy! 


Yes, ma'am! Speaking of sexy, what's your type?

CALM aka the complete opposite than me! I am a Taurus, so I'm extremely passionate and at times extroverted. I am comfortable in my own skin and love to break more shy people out of their shell! I love men who make me feel secure and can level out my impractical mind.  


I feel most confident while teaching my class, encouraging those around me to LET IT GO and celebrate themselves for as they are!

Love that balance in a romantic relationship. On that same note,  what's your dating status?

I am taken! 3 year relationship with a marvelous man named Pandelis (Greek for Peter). He's 28, I'm 22, but we make it work! We love cooking, traveling, sleeping, and of course working out together 💪


Making sweat sexy together? We dig that! Also, we LOVE your sense of confidence! Where did you get that from?

My mother disciplined my crazy self while my father told me to embrace my crazy self.


Yes Mom & Dad! We truly get those qualities from our parents.

Our relationship is very easy going! I was always encouraged by my parents to do what I love. I am very blessed to have had such an amazing childhood. Always had food, clothes, and a bed to sleep in. I am forever grateful for my family.


Aww we love hearing that! Are they the ones who got you into music and dance?

Yup, they got me into dance at an early age and I stuck with it! I grew up in a musical house hold, on Christmas every year as we would open gifts, my dad would be playing bongos, my brother on the guitar jamming out to Michael Jackson songs!


Werk! We def caught that on in how you teach at ((305)) and are so excited to see you shine!

I am a lot of woman and I feel most confident while teaching my class, encouraging those around me to LET IT GO and celebrate themselves for as they are. Some would define me as sassy& spicy and that's TRUE!

I was always encouraged by my parents to do what I love. I am forever grateful for my family.


Us too, boo! Get your a$$ to class and sign up for some fun with this diva.

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