Five Tips to Avoid the Flu


Winter is coming, junkies, and so is cold and flu szn. 😷 We all know how much it sucks to pull a Karen Smith and bail on plans because you’re sick. It’s even worse when you have to skip class to let your bod recover from the flu or another infection.

Besides the usual “wash your hands,” how can you keep those nasty flu germs away? Boo, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for our five fave tips to avoid the flu this szn.



Call us predictable AF, but the flu vaccine is the bestway to protect yourself against getting sick. While the flu shot isn’t a fail-safe option, it’s still totally worth getting one especially since you’ll avoid passing on the flu virus to people around you.



You know what your mom used to say about prevention being better than a cure? Yeah, she was totally right. Keep those flu germs away by keeping your immune system strong. From getting enough zzz’s to going for the veggies, there’s a ton you can do to ward off illnesses and infections.  



Did you know it takes your body about two weeks to build immunity after getting a flu vaccine? Protect yo’self in the meantime by washing your hands all the GD time. Use soap and water and get your lather game on. You can also use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in a pinch!



Flu and other *scary* respiratory illnesses can be spread by coughing or sneezing, so try to stay away from people who are sick. It may suck not to be able to hang out with your fam or boo when they’re sick, but you’ll thank us when you get through the szn without getting sick.



If you start to feel sick, ✌ out from work and stay at home for a little R&R. You’ll give your body time to recover and avoid passing your icky flu germs to your friends or co-workers. Plus, staying home is an amazing excuse to curl up and catch up on your fave TV shows.


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