305 Fitness Hot Mama Carly


This hot mama is all about owning and celebrating the strong, expressive things our bodies can do. 

YAS MAMA! We're celebrating all ((305)) moms leading up to Mother's Day. They're some of the most badass women we know out there! Birthing, twerking, and getting paid, okurrr?!

Meet Carly, one HAWT mama who's also a hardcore ((305)) junkie. If you've ever been to Michael's 6AM class, chances are you've seen her twerkin' it out! 

Hey mama! First things first, how did you first hear about ((305))?

A few years ago, I took a ((305)) class with some friends. I loved it, but we couldn't coordinate a time to go again. Then, about ten months ago, I decided to go back on my own, and I've been a junkie ever since!


They don't call us junkies for nothing! What was your first class like?

I love Michael's 6AM Wednesday class, and any time Byron and Dionne are teaching.


305 Fitness Hot Mama Carly And Friends


Werrrrk! As a junkie and one hot mama, what does "Make Sweat Sexy" mean to you?

"Make Sweat Sexy" means owning and celebrating the strong, expressive things our bodies can do. It means challenging myself in every class to be better than the class before and having a great time shaking my ass in the process!


OMG! Get that MILF $$$! So how do you celebrate being a mom?

Every time I look at my son, I can't believe I made him and that I get to be his mom. He's only two and a half, but he is already a compassionate, hilarious boy and he amazes me every day. I also have an EPIC mom tribe; we've known each other since our kids were only weeks old and we're always there to support each other with advice, empathy, and when all else fails, wine.

As a parent, it’s natural to put your children first but you can’t give your kids your best if you aren’t taking care of yourself. So treat yo’self, mama!

We all need our squad! What do you wish someone had told you about being a mom?

I wish someone had told me to ignore all the mom-shaming and unwanted opinions. Women spend their whole pregnancies around people who think that their bodies have become public business, and then the second children are born, we have to navigate this brand new adventure while sidestepping spontaneous emotional landmines. "Breast is best", "don't sleep train your baby", one knows your baby better than you do, and if you are doing what is best for your family, then you are doing it right!


305 Fitness Hot Mama Carly And Son


Preach! So we already get the feelin' you're not like a regular mom, so what makes you a cool mom? 

I mean, I take ((305)) so . . . 

Honestly, I think I'm kind of a super-nerd. My son would probably say that I'm cool when I cave and let him have ice cream.


305 Fitness Hot Mama Carly And Friends


Wrapping up, drop some knowledge to the new mamas out there!

When you take an airplane, the flight attendants tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping those around you because you aren't helpful if you can't breathe. As a parent, it's natural to put your children first--they deserve it and they need you--but you can't give your kids your best if you aren't taking care of yourself (that means, physically, mentally, and emotionally). So treat yo'self, mama!


Moms, cmon now! It's time to get that ((305)), babe.

We all deserve some time for self-care. Remember (!!) exercise produces endorphins. And endorphins make you happy. And happy people don’t kill their partners in their sleep.