305 Fitness Hot Mama: Jenn and Instructor JJ


Jenn and instructor JJ having the best time at ((305)), obvs. 

Good news, y'all! There's another ((305)) baby on the way -- our NYC Junkie Jenn is pregnant!! If you take class at our West Village studio, you've probably seen this hot mama-to-be on the dance floor. So, we sat down with her to find out what to expect at ((305)) when you're expecting! 

Let's start with any easy one. How long have you been coming to ((305))?

It'll be two years in June!


Yassssss! Happy almost anniversary! How has class been during your pregnancy thus far?

Good! I'm 23 weeks along (almost 6 months) and I usually come to class 3x times a week. My doctor said in terms of exercise, I can continue what I was doing prior to being pregnant and not to try anything new.  As I progress in my pregnancy, my doctor is limiting some activity.  For example, no jumping, no twisting, monitoring my heart rate etc. 


That's great! We love a fit mom. How long far along in your pregnancy do you plan on staying active?

Until I physically cannot take class anymore!

305 Fitness Hot Mama: Jenn and friends


Spoken like a truuuu junkie. Have you had any weird cravings since being pregnant?

305 Fitness Hot Mama: Jenn

Baby on board

Jenn is 23 weeks and counting! 

Before I was pregnant, I was on a gluten free diet for stomach issues. Now I crave things that I normally couldn't have eaten like regular pizza, bagels and sandwiches (no deli meats of course!) and it doesn't make me sick. And I can't leave out soft serve ice cream! 


OMG! That's so wild. The body is truly amazing. Since this is your first child, has anything about being pregnant surprised you?

Aside from being nauseous ALL THE TIME during the first trimester, I surprisingly feel better than I expected to feel.


Do you have any advice for other women who are newly pregnant or trying to become pregant? 

Continue to stay active!  I believe it has helped me not feel as fatigued and not as tired either.  Staying active is also important for blood circulation and decreases swelling.

Love it! What do you love coming to ((305))?

 I love the confidence it brings before, during and after class.  There are no judgments.  All of the instructors bring their own inspirations and motivators and are all supportive to make me a stronger woman. I also love the group of friends that I have made at ((305)) and it adds to an enjoyable workout class. 

305 Fitness Hot Mama: Jenn and friends


It's true. We legit have the best community ever. Ok, last one: what's your fave post-class snack?

Fruit or a KIND Dark chocolate, nuts and sea salt bar and lots of water.


JK. This is the last one. Who's your favorite ((305)) instructor?

How can I pick just 1?!? My shout-outs are to Chris, Latoya, Bex, Danielle, Maria and special mention to JJ who got me hooked on ((305)) in the first place!

Sadie Kurzban