JP: The All-You-Can-Slay Buffet

305 Fitness Instructor JP


He’s like RuPaul meets Mr. Rogers. Wait, what?!

Awaken your inner superstar and connect with the most playful part of yourself. JP's cool-meets-quirky class lets you rock it out, with no inhibition. In his class, he'll help you connect with your inner child, act a fool with no inhibition, and be unapologetically yourself.

Let's start with any easy one. If you didn't live in New York City, where would you be?

Byron Bay or Barcelona? Or both?


So fetch! Speaking of hawt, which ((305)) instructor are you crushing on?

You never forget your first time ;) My first ever ((305)) was with Danielle, and it will just always stick in my mind as such a memorable experience.

<3 the cheerleader! Now name three ways you want to make people feel in your class!

Empowered, comfortable, and stunning.

Baby 305 Fitness Instructor JP

Baby JP


Now for the juicy sh*t - what's your type?

My type is someone who is funny, REALLY smart, and has their shit together, but will still dance and take tequila shots with me on the occasional Friday night. PS. she’s single hunny!


And ready to mingle! Speaking of, who are 3 people you would you LOVE to kiki with?

RuPaul, Barack Obama and Mr. Rogers. With bottomless mimosas. 


It makes me smile while working out, which until ((305)) I thought was virtually impossible.

The ultimate trifecta! I have a feeling you'd know exactly where to show them a good time! 

I’ll take them anywhere with a dance floor and a happy hour.


Most def! Tell us about other folks you love. Tell us about your parentals!

They’re amazing and the most supportive people I know. I would not be able to do anything I do or have done or dream to do, without their support and love.


Love that. Is a trust and support something that's easy for you to develop in relationships?

I’m a Scorpio, so sometimes I have trouble trusting people if I’m being honest. It’s a working in progress.


Though it does seem like you care a lot about the people around you.

Every relationship has value, but the close relationships that I have built with friends who have been in my life for so many years are so valuable to me because we build those relationships from scratch. Those who are my “chosen family” have a really special place in my heart.


Keeping on the lurve fest, what do you love about coming to ((305))?

Two things. It makes me smile while working out, which until ((305)) I thought was virtually impossible. And it has made me fall in love with dancing all over again!

Those who are my ‘chosen family’ have a really special place in my heart.


Us too, boo! Get your a$$ to class and sign up for some fun with this divo.

Sadie Kurzban