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If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow class that makes you feel like a wiser, badder, sexier you, look no further.

Since her first day at ((305)), there was no turning back for Beth. For the junkie-turned-instructor, everything about this place was chaotic, wild, and also, heartbreakingly beautiful. When you’re in Beth’s class, she will make you feel seen, heard, and loved. That’s because ((305)) was that special space for her to shine, to come undone, to heal, to connect, and to shed her shame.

Get to know The Bronx Butterfly below! 🦋

Let's start with any easy one. If you didn't live in New York City, where would you be?

Honestly, nowhere else! I was born and raised in NYC and could NOT imagine myself living anywhere else. I'm very much a city girl and my heart solely belongs to the crazy streets of NYC. I could maybe do Cali but not forever, it's too slow for me!


The Concrete Jungle is where it's at! Now in 3 words, tell us how your friends describe you?

Bubbly, thoughtful, organized.


So sweet! Let's get into some juicy stuff. Which ((305)) instructor are you crushing on?

JLott -- He's such a sweetheart! He's been so crazy supportive of me, and he's just such a sweet, fun, and inspiring human. I also love his raunchy and hard-hitting style in class as it really allows me to be and feel myself in class.


Love his H-town swag! Speaking of crushes, which celeb would you totally DIE to see in your class?

Rihanna. I literally love her. She's drop dead gorgeous, amazingly talented, and her accent is so sexy!


She's #WCE! So tell us...what's one time you've failed?

When I was a high school senior, I applied to ~13 colleges, most of which were top-tiered schools; I had the grades and background to stand a chance at getting accepted into one or a few of the schools, at least that's what I and others around me believed. However, I got rejected by all my dream schools and was left with all schools I didn't want. It was one of the worst and most memorable times in my life; where I was feeling like my world was just tumbling down. College and academics are held to a high standard in my family and honestly, to myself.

I wound up going to a local school at the time because it was my best option amongst the schools that accepted me. I thought I was happy because ultimately I felt I had made my parents happy. Well, I wound up absolutely HATING that school and everything within the experience.


Yikes! Sounds like a nightmare. What'd you do to turn things around for yourself?

I did everything in my power to transfer after my first year and wound up enrolling into Baruch College. Long story short, it was the best decision I've ever made in my life and for the first time, I realized when I was unhappy in my life and took the initiative to change that. I finally felt like I was in control of my own life. It was no longer about making my parents or others happy, or about being at a school for the name or prestige; it was about recognizing that I needed to turn my life around if I wanted to make myself happier and healthier. My two years at Baruch were completely amazing and I would never trade it for anything.


It was about recognizing that I needed to turn my life around if I wanted to make myself happier and healthier.


Preach sistah! That's so amazing that you made that positive change for yourself!

I still look back at the brave decision I made that day and the strong ass woman who had the courage to turn her life around. I couldn't be prouder of myself.


Yes! It always starts within yourself. Now, tell us a story from your childhood that proves you're a #BOSS.

I started my own dance crew in middle school! My school was having a talent show and it took me all the courage in the world to audition. I was really into KPop at the time and wanted to dance to a particular song; so, I did a quick dance audition but my teacher suggested that I had friends join me. I asked my classmate, who later became my BFF, and an upperclassmen to dance together in the talent show as a group and years later, we officialize the dance crew and danced at many events and shows locally.

We eventually split once most of us were settled into high school but it was a fun time in my life where I really started to dive into and learn dancing.


Very cool. What style of dance do you love most?

Hip hop! I taught myself how to dance growing up and hip hop has always been something I've enjoyed and felt most comfortable with. When hip hop comes on, I kinda unleash and become very extra.


Slay mama! Finally, tell us three ways you want to make people feel in your class.

Empowered, free, and included.

I still look back at the brave decision I made that day and the strong ass woman who had the courage to turn her life around. I couldn’t be prouder of myself.


Us too, boo! Get your a$$ to class and sign up for some fun with this diva.

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