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Deena’s class is filled with moves that’ll push you to your limits.

Deena’s focused, dedicated approach is perfect for any athlete looking to shake up their routine with some ass-kicking dance cardio. Deena embodies an empowered and sexy feminine spirit. She zeroes in on everyone in class, keeping you accountable and pushing you to reach your limit. If you wanna feel unstoppable, fierce, and proud of what you accomplished, Deena’s class has the no-nonsense approach that’ll have you on an endorphin high all day!

Meet the Driven Diva below. 

Let's start with any easy one. If you didn't live in New York City, where would you be?

Somewhere in the Caribbean.


Love the islands! Share with us your life motto.

Follow your passion.


A classic! Let's get into some juicy stuff. Describe some qualities you find most attractive in a partner.

Intelligent, family-oriented, supportive, adventurous, talk, dark, and handsome.


Speaking of... what's your dating status?

Taken and it’s awesome :)


Mmhmm! Now tell us the types of people you tend to gravitate towards.

I identify with kind people who go for what they want graciously, have a sense of humor, and work hard.


Love that. Tell us a bit about your childhood.

No worries and no problems. Just lots of laughter, dance, and Caribbean & Latin cuisine. I am still extremely close to my Mom and Dad. 

I identify with kind people who go for what they want graciously, have a sense of humor, and work hard.

Sounds like a dream! What's one thing you've learned about yourself in the last year?

Time management -- I've learned that I am able to squeeze a lot more in my 24 hours than expected!


Werq! How would your friends describe you?

Ambitious, compassionate, and beautiful!


Yes! Similarly, tell us a story from your childhood that proves you're a #BOSS.

I started and organized a dance club at my summer camp. #NoBiggie


#GirlBoss from Day 1! Finally, tell us why you love ((305))!

As a dancer and choreographer, I naturally love to move and dance so there's that!! But ((305)) is also so fun and makes me feel good, empowered, and so sexy!


Us too, boo! Get your a$$ to class and sign up for some fun with this diva.

Sadie Kurzban