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Lindsay’s easy-to-follow uber-athletic approach is’ 

Confidence is a mindset, and Lindsay knows just how to pull it out of you. With a bright, positive attitude, Lindsay’s powerful command challenges you physically, while still making you smile from ear to ear. Lindsay’s highly effective class will make you feel like you just took the sweatiest damn dance cardio class of all time. Lace up your damn shoes and let’s get dancing!

Meet the Build-Up Biddie below.

Let's start with any easy one. If you didn't live in New York City, where would you be?



YAS west coast! And how would your friends describe you?

Vivacious, bubbly, and sometimes ridiculous.


We totally get those vibes! Let's get into some juicy stuff. Which ((305)) instructor are you crushing on?

Chris, duh!


So you're into brunettes? 🙃 Get it! So, what's the tea? Are you in a relationship?

I love guys that are tall, dark, & handsome - basic I know but it's my type. And yes, I'm single ready to mingle!


Swipe right honey! Now, tell us about a relationship that really matters to you.

My relationship with my camp friends is totes important! I went to camp for 11 summers and the 11 of us are still so close we see each other like every weekend.


But it was in that moment that I knew even more, that I needed to be doing this.

Woah, that's so amazing! Switching topics, tell us about a time you failed. 

I was in the fifth week of training for my first job in fitness. When I was done with my assignment for the day my trainer stood in front of me and said, "So we know you have the method down and you can teach the class - what we don't understand is why anyone would want to come see Lindsay?" Later that day I was told I was not a fit and was asked to leave. In all honesty I'm a crier, so I obviously cried but it was in that moment that I knew even more that I needed to be doing this.


Ugh, that's so discouraging but sounds like it pushed you even more! The industry can be hard on instructors, especially women.

Absolutely! We're part of a society that is so focused on vanity and we can be incredibly absorbed in the way we are perceived. I have to constantly remind myself that we as women are strong, beautiful, and powerful! We are so valuable and necessary in EVERY community and industry!


Preach! What style of dance do you love most?

I love Contemporary. 


Love! Finally, what do you love about coming to ((305))?

I love ((305)) because it is such a positive and accepting place that gives you a freedom to move like no where else does. It truly feels like such a tight knit amazing community!

I have to constantly remind myself that we as women are strong, beautiful, and powerful! We are so valuable and necessary in EVERY community and industry!


Us too, boo! Get your a$$ to class and sign up for some fun with this diva.

Sadie Kurzban