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Don’t let her cool-as-a-cucumber exterior fool you. Once that music starts, her alter ego takes over and she takes no prisoners.

When Marielle first stepped into our studio, she probably didn’t expect she’d be teaching in front of packed classes. Her teeny tiny 4 ft 11 frame, blue hair, and soft-spoken manner don’t exactly scream “fitness instructor.” But all we needed was to see Marielle dance for 30 seconds to know we had found a real star.

Marielle’s easy-to-follow class is perfect for non-dancers who wanna feel themselves in the mirror. Marielle teaches with a no-judgement attitude, and her moves are so much fun, you’re gonna be air humping and twerking in no time!

Welcome to the ((305)) fam, Marielle! To kick things off, how do you want junkies to feel in your class?

Radiant. Empowered. Liberated.


Shiiiiine kween! OK spill -- are you crushin’ on any ((305)) instructors?

Hannah! I seriously admire how FULL OUT she is in the choreo videos. You can feel her energy radiate through the screen!


She is fierce AF! What’s your favorite part of class to teach?

I love the hip-hop section because the music is always on point, always gets me hype, and I love the freedom of finding your own style.  


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Ayyyeee! Now tell us, where can we find you when you’re not at ((305))?

Dancing at a Wizards game. Teaching dance or choreographing one. Hiking and soaking in an amazing view. Exploring contemporary art museums.


Besides ((305)), what's your favorite kind of dance class to take?

Before I was introduced to ((305)), Kazaxe was a place I loved to go to! So fun and a great way to sweat. I also love taking hip-hop and jazz classes whenever I can to keep up with my technique and learn other styles.


Have you experienced any failures on the road to ((305)) and where you are now?

I don't really consider any experiences failures, I just see them as lessons to learn from. One experience that I learned from was my first professional audition I've ever had for a NBA dance team. I've always dreamed of being an NBA dancer and I was shocked to have made it to the final round. It seemed so unreal. I didn't make that team, but I didn't give up on my goal. I took that experience and accepted that it wasn't my time yet and began to think that maybe that wasn't the place for me anyway. I ended up auditioning for another NBA team the following year and I made it all the way through! This led me to move to DC, which led me to ((305)).


I embrace my culture and my craft and try to elevate in them both everyday.


Now for the juicy stuff! Do you have a type?

I've always been attracted to athletes and artists. I NEED a guy that’s funny. It doesn’t take a lot to make me laugh so if you don’t get a genuine giggle out of me then you gotta go.


Take note, boyz! We gotta know -- single or taken?

It’s complicated AF. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I’m just going wherever the wind takes me.


Aside from your boo, what’s a relationship that really matters to you?

Cliché but I really value my relationship with my mom especially since I’m getting older. She’s my best friend and she knows what to say when it’s needed. I’m realizing that I’m becoming more like her everyday.



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We've all got something that defines our identity -- what’s yours?

I’m a proud creative Filipina woman. I embrace my culture and my craft and try to elevate in them both everyday.


Yasss, love that attitude! What’s your motto?

What's meant to be is already yours.



OMG slayyyy. Last one -- why do you love ((305))?

It has been the only fitness facility that I feel most free in. I love that it feels like a fun dance party. The loud, upbeat music and fun lights really set the tone for a great time and the design of the studio makes you feel great about yourself.



Us too, boo! Get your a$$ to class and sign up for some fun with this diva.