305 Fitness Instructor Candace

Meet Candace. She’s poised, stylish, adventurous, and warm. Think: part Misty Copeland, part Michelle Obama, and full goofball.

As a kid, Candace was a total bookworm. Only music could pry her away from her homework, her love of dancing filling her soul from a young age. Little Candace ran amok up and down the grocery store aisles, practicing leaps and turns, while her mom shopped. She was studious, responsible, and very independent. As her friends went to out to play, she chose to stay at home, curled up with a book.

Candace is generous and giving. She has a very big heart and a bright spirit. She makes you know you are unconditionally supported and loved. In her class, you’ll feel her adventurous, goofy, and elegant energy radiate from start to finish. Expect a kick-ass toning and sprint section, as this natural leader whips you into shape and keeps you smiling the whole time.


Let's get right into it- what's your type?

Cute! Like make you smile til your face hurts cute. He's always sweet and charming, thoughtful and not afraid to go deep (no small talk over here). Typically he's from a foreign country, and typically a bit older than me- but it's always complicated.


Oooh, girl! Tell us more!

My current situation is complicated for sure- I'm single but emotionally unavailable because I'm super into a guy who's not from here, and has a TBD return date.  Stay tuned for the reunion episode!

305 Fitness Instructor Candace


So how exactly did y'all meet?

I met him at a friend's birthday party, and I was immediately into the honesty in his eyes. I know so cheesy, I am terribly romantic, but seriously I knew right away that I was going to be able to open up to him comfortably (or at least push myself through discomfort) because of how honest he is.


Love it. Let's pivot- how do you aim to make people feel in your class?

Empowered. Bold. Loved.


Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

A gatherer!


What's your go-to post class snack?

Fruit! Mango, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, watermelon, nectarines, pineapples- I love all of it!




305 Fitness Instructor Candace

Tell us about a time you failed: 

In college, I applied to a fellowship program that was geared toward recruiting students of color to pursue a PhD as a professional pathway and ultimately teach at higher education institutions. I busted my butt on my application, proposed an amazing course of study that wove together dance and anthropological studies and worked hard to present myself as a strong candidate.

I didn't get it... and I balled my eyes out on the phone with my mother for hours. They rejected me because dance wasn't a programmatic interest of the fellowship at the time. I've always felt torn between the world of traditional academic study and dance. I've always felt commitment to one world meant failure in the other.

Over time I’ve learned that just isn’t true. Sometimes the spaces we encounter are just not ready for our vision. Sometimes what we are destined to do, we are also destined to create.

Sometimes we have to dig deep to find the spaces that will allow us to honor and nurture our uniqueness rather than bend into a limited or narrow point of view. Fun ending of the story is that I used the elements of my rejected proposal to build my honors thesis proposal and my Fulbright research grant application, both of which I got accepted for and had unbelievably amazing life experiences as a result of!


If this celeb took your class, you'd totally die:



Tell us about a time from your childhood that proves you've always been a #BOSS:

When I was younger I used to compete in dance competitions. I used to perform to the Pink Panther theme song wearing a pink crop top with long bell sleeves and tight Lycra bell bottoms lined with pink "fur" and a tail as my costume. The move that won it all was a jump in the air in second position that landed in a split at the final note of the song. It made the crowds erupt every time I performed it!

Why do you love ((305))?

((305)) is one of the most powerful communities I've ever encountered that accepts you as you are, nourishes you and takes care of you, but also pushes you to grow and live out more of your potential.

Love Candace? Same. 

Quit reading, start dancing! Take a class with Candace.

Community classes begin Monday 2/19. Classes are $15. Proceeds benefit She's The First, sending girls to school for the first time in their families. 

And don't forget to follow her Instagram. 

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