New to ((305))? Here's what you need to know!

Oh hayyy! Welcome to the ((305)) family! If you usually drag your feet to the gym, listen up -- your life and attitude is about to change in a BIG way. It's time to #MakeSweatSexy! 🔥


Not a dancer? Not a problem! Our classes are easy to follow with a focus on high-intensity rhythmic cardio.


It’s totally normal to feel nervous before your first class, but you’ll be twerkin’ and high kickin’ like a seasoned junkie in no time! We’ve got the lowdown on what you need to know to make your first few classes ah-mazing.

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Yassss kween, you made it! You’ve got your best sneaks, a good sports bra, and alllll the goods that’ll glow under the blacklight.


When you get to the studio, check in with our awesome twerk studiers and then head into the studio. You’ll see a bunch of pink dots on the floor -- grab one and make it your own! The dots help our junkies get in formation and make sure everyone can see their gorgeous selves in the mirror!





Most of our classes are non-stop cardio PARTIES featuring sports drills, conditioning exercises, and high intensity interval training. About halfway through each class, the instructor will lead a sculpting section, targeting different body parts each class, followed by a 5 minute “sprint” of interval training. The class ends with more dancing, a cool down, and a stretch.


Junkies are always encouraged to grab water whenever you want! And feel free to modify anything the instructor is doing if you have any injuries, etc. You know your body best!

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When you’re new to ((305)), we hands-down recommend that you start with ((305)) BASICS for your first few classes. It’s a 45-minute class with a suuuper helpful breakdown of our most popular moves. From the grapevine to high-Vs, you’ll get the hang of these moves in no time.





We’ve all been there: the DJ starts spinnin’ and suddenly you’re feeling less like Beyonce and more like Left Shark. We get it -- It’s challenging and can feel super frustrating.


But the best advice we can give you is to relax and enjoy it! As our HBIC Sadie says, “You only get your *first time* (with a dance) once.” If you feel lost, follow the foot patterns and add the arms when you feel good!


Also, you’ll notice real quick that everything in ((305)) repeats. So if you can try to pick up the pattern the first time you see the dance, it’s likely to reappear in the same order.




Most junkies report they feel confident after 5 classes. So give yourself some time to get the hang of things. You're gonna look dusted. 💁


As an added perk, a ton of junkies report that they have become much better dancers over time by attending class consistently! Get it, hunny!

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